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The Society’s Transport Group

See (Read More>) is the Society focus on transport issues in Guildford. 

The Transport Group

The group meets monthly with a group composed of members from a wide variety of backgrounds. The group co-operates with other groups as required on major planning matters.

The Group has produced a series of position papers on aspects of transport.  Recently it has produced an overall paper on Transport please read here.

Transport Matters

Transport has a major impact on Guildford, causing issues such as pollution, congestion and accidents. The Society believes a range of measures are needed to address such problems and manage transport demand.  Guildford’s Transport issues are also a hinderance to economic growth and the proper sustainable development of sites in the area.

The area is crossed by major strategic road and rail links. Its vibrant local economy, and location close to London and major airports, means it attracts significant through-traffic, including cars and numerous HGVs. This often means overloaded roads in the town centre and on main through routes, particularly the A3.

Guildford is a ‘gap town’, which has resulted in a complex set of access roads and railways. The roads and railways leading directly into the town centre are used to access different parts of the borough, as well as connecting to towns and villages outside Guildford.

While the town centre is the destination for several thousand people every day, people also travel across the borough to access the University/Research Park/Hospital zone, to work in the suburban office parks and nearby towns, or to attend schools throughout the borough and beyond.

Many roads in the Guildford area pass through Greenbelt, agricultural land and villages.  Development in the late 19th century through the mid-20th century has meant that this network is now substantially fixed. Several of these roads are cross-country ‘A’ roads with a single lane in each direction, with only occasional dual carriageways. These factors limit the scope for expanding capacity and varying use.

Public transport should be encouraged. This should be supported by investment such as extra Park and Ride facilities, bus lanes and service improvements and new stations on local rail lines, such as the proposed station at Park Barn.

Better provision for cyclists and pedestrians to support Active Travel must be a priority. Attractive routes, separated from road traffic, are needed, as well as joined-up cycle lanes within the town centre, and more safe crossing points for those cycling and on foot.

Local public transport between Guildford and surrounding villages should be improved.

2164 Miles in Surrey View article Surrey County Council is responsible for around 2164 miles (3482 km) of public rights of way, which exist both in the in the countryside and urban areas. SCC highlight they are important for recreation, for travelling to work or school and for health... View article Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan Guildford Area View article Surrey County Council, which manages the major roads in Guildford Borough is developing a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for Guildford to help determine where best to prioritise improvements. SCC have run a consult... View article New electric buses- but not from Guildford. View article Dennis Motors or Alexander Dennis as it is now known, is an old Guildford Company which moved in 2020 nearly all its operations out of Guildford.  It has recently announced a new generation of Electric Buses offering more choice, more flexibilit... View article London Road Cycle Way - Consultation Extended View article The proposals to revise London Road to provide a cycle way along to road from York Road to the Lidl Store in Merrow have provoked much debate, in part caused by a flawed consultation conducted by Surrey County Council.  Main roads in Guildford a... View article Refuse Collection View article Electric Refuse Vehicles look as if they are becoming a reality.  Kingston upon Thames is replacing its current diesel fleet, helping to improve the borough’s air quality and contribute to the council’s climate targets by signific... View article Traffic in Guildford Town View article The North Street Scheme, in its pivotal position in the centre of Guildford, will if consented have a significant impact on transport around the Town Centre. Using the latest  revided application (23/P/01211) we have summarised some of the ... View article Southern Link Rail to Heathrow View article All has been quiet on plans to provide a Southern Rail Link from potentailly  Basingstoke, Guildford, and Waterloo to Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.  This week the Sadiq Khan Mayor of London indicated that he still supports the scheme due ... View article Guildford Bus Station Revisions View article The Guildford Bus Station has been the subject of much debate as to its location, size and facilities. Currently the Bus station has a south entry north exit flow for the bus routes.  The diagram below shows the routing; split by Blue Traffic... View article Guildford Buses in the Future View article The bus remains a very efficient mode of transport, and will have a role to play in a decarbonised future as it can provide travel opportunities for all. Technology is providing new options to utilise Buses. Demand Responsive Transport Two e... View article Road investment plans (A3) View article National Highways have delivered a series of documents (Route Strategy Initial Overview Reports) on how they plan to maintain and upgrade the national road network over the period third road investment period (2025-2030).  These initial strategy... View article Electric railways are better railways. View article For years there has been discussion on the feasibility of electrifying the missing parts of the local rail network to allow electric trains to use the North Downs Line. There has been a number of issues, awaiting updated signalling, 3rd Rail is not s... View article Upgrading the North Downs Line? View article With the demise of the programme to provide refurbished trains (class 769 - see post below) on the North Downs Line what next for the services? The North Downs Line has always been discussed as a candidate for modernisation and in particular elect... View article Surrey agrees largest on-street EV chargepoint contract in the UK View article Surrey County Council and Connected Kerb have agreed a contract to instal thousands of electric vehicle chargepoints across the county in the coming years.  Connected Kerb will install public EV chargepoints across the county, with installation ... View article Strategic Investment in Transport in South East View article Transport for the South East (TfSE) is a grouping of councils in the South Eat that has developed a Transport Strategy for the Region covering the next 30 years.  TfSE state their priorities for the transport system is “decarbonise th... View article Provide and they will come? View article Recent passenger numbers for the recently opened Elizabeth Line, Northern Line Extension and the reopened line to Oakhampton in Devon have been published recently. Elizabeth Line A landmark 100 million journeys have been made on the Elizab... View article The Trains not arriving in Guildford View article In addition to the chaos caused to the rail services by the ongoing rail strikes, the Guildford Train services are also missing planned new and improved trains. North Downs Line The GWR diesel sets were due to be replaced by Class 769, which we... View article London Buses - Electrification View article Transport for London (TFL) are aiming to convert the fleet of London buses to  “green” power by 2034.  With 850 of the capital’s 8,500 buses already being zero emission progress is being made. Charging The most recen... View article Worthing Considers a Tunnel View article Worthing Borough Council council and Transport for the South East (TFSE) are both supporting a plan to relieve congestion on the A27 that runs along the South Coast by creating the UK’s longest road tunnel, planned to be 4Km to 5Km long. A tunn... View article The Society Responds to Transport for South East View article The Guildford Society has responded to the Transport for South East consultation on their Strategic Investment Plan (See original Post on this subject at fooot of this post.).  We concentrated our comments on the immediate Guildford Area. Ove... View article National Infrastructure Commission. Getting Cities Moving View article The National Infrastructure Commission has issued a report ‘Getting Cities Moving’ (see link below) that highlights the role that urban transport provision can have in supporting economic growth and improved productivity.  The report... View article TfSE Schemes proposed for Guildford Area View article Transport for South East (TfSE) the Sub-national Transport Body for the South East have published their draft Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) for South East England. This plan provides a framework for investment in strategic transport infrastruc... View article Surrey County Council Looking for Suggestions View article Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as more people want to reduce their carbon footprint. Surrey County Council estimate that 10,000 electric vehicle chargepoints will be required by 2030. Publicly accessible chargepoints are ... View article M25/A3 Junction 10 Major upgrade approved View article The Secretary of State for Transport (Grant Shapps MP) has granted a Development Consent Order, which allows the project to improve the M25 junction 10/A3 Wisley interchange to proceed. The junction has circa 300,000 journeys every day making it o... View article Contactless Rail Travel to London coming View article The contactless payment system used so successfully in London (and licensed to other major cities worldwide) is being extended in area. It is planned that over 230 mainline rail stations, including it appears Guildford, around London are to be bro... View article Why do Roads keep filling up? View article An important concept in Transport Planning is that: New or improved roads will attract more drivers, because giving something away for free means more people will use it. This means that road improvements are likely to ease congestion in... View article Guildford Transport - Improving and Supporting the Borough View article The Transport Group in the Guildford Society has looked at the issues that impact Transport in Guildford.  We have drawn together our thoughts for consideration. The full Report can be viewed at the foot of the article. The Covid pandemic has... View article North Street – Bus Station agreement View article A major hurdle to developing plans for the North Street site has been resolved by the Guildford Borough Council Executive approving the high-level design and specification for the retention of the bus station on its current site that needs to be agre... View article Oxford introduce Britain's first 'Zero Emission Zone' plus e-Bus news. View article Oxford’s pilot Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) has gone live.  The scheme which is a Pilot at this stage, covers 8 Streets in the centre of the city, if it is deemed a success it is likely to be extended. ALL petrol and diesel vehicles ar... View article E-Bikes are the Future? View article It is well known that the Netherlands is a country where bike usage is high enabled by good infrastructure provision and that it is a flat country. A surprise is that the Dutch have embraced electric bikes. A recent survey by the Light Electric Ve... View article Two Reports on Road Pricing View article The Transport Select Committee has reviewed the future for the two principal motoring taxes, fuel duty and vehicle excise duty and issued a report on the potential to implement Road Pricing. The think Tank Policy Exchange has also reviewed road pr... View article Still Building New Housing car dependent. View article Transport for New Homes is a Policy Think Tank that believes that “everyone should have access to attractive housing, located and designed to ensure that people do not need to use or own cars to live a full life.”  The group believes... View article Guildford Bus Changes - Bus Service Improvement Plan View article There are two developments that are likely to impact the Guildford Bus System. Short Term Arriva have announced that they are withdrawing from serving the Guildford area and closing their bus garage on St Mary’s Rd.  Surrey County Co... View article Decision delayed again on M25 junction 10 upgrade View article The Department of Transport has announced that the deadline for the decision on the go ahead for the M25/A3 Junction 10 upgrade has been extended from 12 January 2021 to 12 May 2021 and then to 12 November 2021 and now to 12 May 2022; A delay of... View article SPD for Parking View article Guildford Council have produced a draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) covering Parking in the Borough.  This document has been reviewed by the council Executive Advisory Board prior to final agreement at a future council meeting.&nb... View article The Future is Mobility Hubs? View article Arup and Go-Ahead have published a report on how mobility hubs should be designed.  Although many of the concepts have been documented before the report brings current thinking together in a concise form. The report authors propose that by us... View article SCC Consult on Local Transport Plan View article Public Consultation is underway on the Surrey County Council Local Transport Plan 2022-2032.  Consultation closes on October 24th 2021 The forward to the plan highlights ‘Meeting the ambitious county and national carbon reduction target... View article Transport Changes in London View article For those who visit London; the first major addition to the London Underground this century has come into service with the Northern line being extended to serve new stations at Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station. The new stations will... View article Motoring Getting Cheaper View article The government is seeking to move the country to using green transport through various measures including: Supporting Active Travel (Walking and Cycling) Revision to Bus Management Support alternative fuelled vehicles notably electric cars ... View article Transport - A Tale of Two Cities. View article Birmingham is in the final stages of a consultation exercise to reduce motoring by making motor vehicle journeys longer and inconvenient.  Journeys by Bus, Bicycle and on foot will be made easier, pleasanter, quicker, and safer. The city Cent... View article Dangerous Levels of Pollution in Guildford View article Highways England conduct a series of pollution surveys on the strategic road network.   The latest survey shows pollution on the A3/A25 to A3/A31 seems to be the highest in the country by some margin and twice the median level of the 3... View article Guildford Rail Services to Reduce in December 2022? View article South Western Railways have launched a consultation on timetable amendments to take place in December 2022.  The public can respond to the proposals by the 19-September 2021  South Western Railway highlight that “ In partnership wi... View article Network Rail still planning for increased demand on SWML View article Despite Covid, Network Rail are still looking at options to improve the main line to Waterloo to meet future demand.  A recent report lays out options for the line between Woking and Waterloo with a further reports due on the Main line to Southa... View article Decarbonising Transport View article The government has announced a plan setting out the government’s commitments and the actions needed to decarbonise the entire transport system in the UK. Key items addressed in the plan include, the pathway to net zero transport in the UK, t... View article New Bus Station in Exeter View article It is likely the Bus Station in central Guildford will be kept in an upgraded form as part of the North Street Development.  Exeter are opening a new Bus Station on Sunday, 25 July, which provides ideas for Guildford. Exeter Bus Station ... View article Electrifying Lorries View article The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight is a collaboration between Cambridge and Heriot-Watt Universities and organizations in the freight and logistics sectors, with a major 5-year grant from The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Counc... View article Major changes to the Railways View article The recent White Paper (See Below) on the future of the UK Railways proposes a series of changes to promote better integration and simplification of the rail system.  To an extent this is reverting to the old British Rail Structure although... View article Travel Management on the A3 & Delay on Junction 10 View article Improvements to the A3, in the borough, appear, with a few exceptions, to be either being delivered late or have been moved off the planning horizon.  Highways England have been quiet on the options, but do appear to be considering ideas for ... View article Transport Options for Guildford View article Guildford Town being in a gap in a river valley, surrounded by hills, and areas of significant landscape value particularly to the south has major issues in expanding its transport infrastructure.  There has been discussion on supplementing the ... View article Change to Trains to supplement Guildford Services View article South Western Railways have been trying to upgrade Portsmouth to London Services by using old Class 442 Units first built for Bournemouth Services.  The introduction of the trains has been beset with technical issues during refurbishment an... View article ‘Next steps’ for Heathrow Southern Rail to be outlined this summer View article News might come in the summer on plans to link Guildford by Rail to Heathrow.  Angela Richardson MP for Guildford has via a written question in Paliament obtained some indication that after years of delay the Department of Transport (DfT) m... View article
Archived Articles
Low and Zero Emission Buses £49million funding View article To accelerate the introduction of ultra-low and zero emission buses in Surrey; Surrey County Council are backing a scheme to introduce up to 80 ultra-low or zero-emission buses and 50 community transport minibuses by 2025 with the aim that all buses ... View article Alternative Fuel Buses - Impact on the Town Centre View article The move to alternatively fuelled buses appears to be gathering pace with both Electric and Hydrogen Fuelled vehicles appearing on the roads.  The range for these vehicles is increasing, an Edinburgh to Dundee electric coach service is just laun... View article Heathrow 3rd Runway - How it might impact Guildford View article

You may ask how this affects Guildford, but it does.  The recently announced consultation on plans for the third runway, whatever your views on having a third runway, has aspects that are of concern.

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Electric Buses become more viable with solid state batteries View article Lithium-ion battery technology, as used in most electric vehicles, has made impressive gains over the years. Today's cells are cheaper than they have ever been, but lithium-ion still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of energy density compared ... View article North Downs Line might it get electrified? View article Next year the existing trains on the North Downs route will be replaced by Class 769 units which are refurbished old Thameslink Units – that is why they may look familiar.  These trains as part of their refurbishment are gaining Air Condit... View article Working from home won’t slash emissions View article The Conversation Website has published an interesting article on how working from home won’t slash emissions unless a car-free lifestyle is enabled.  An analysis of the National Travel Survey showed that people working from home made just ... View article A Bus but not as we know it View article Brighton is investing in Hybrid Buses (manufactured by Alexander Dennis) which can run solely on electric power for a limited distances.  The buses also implement Geo-Fencing which uses the GPS system to ensure the bus switches to electric power... View article Guildford to Horsham Transport Corridor. View article The route south of Guildford to Horsham has been an important transport corridor for centuries.  In the Victorian era it attracted substantial investment in the form of the Wey and Arun Junction Canal and the Horsham to Guildford Railway, both n... View article Cycling Infrastructure View article The government is becoming increasingly supportive of cycling as a method of transport.  This is because if properly planned for it is an efficient, cheap and healthy way to travel.  The advent of e-Bikes is also opening up options to make ... View article On your Bike! View article e-Bike Subsidy? The Department of Transport has published Gear change a bold vision for cycling and walking (See document below), with a foreword by that keen cyclist the prime minister. The UK government is planning, according to press re... View article A New Guildford Quarter View article A Opportunity Missed? It is instructive to visit Walnut Tree Close as many of the new buildings are completed or almost complete.  It is an opportunity missed to plan an effective set of buildings that related to each other, create a sense... View article Progress Easier for Heathrow Southern Railway? View article Heathrow Southern Railway (HSR) the organisation backing a new Rail Link into Heathrow from Basingstoke and Guildford via Woking has issued an update on its activities. HSR has been very quiet on its plans of late.  The news item makes a surp... View article Intensive Investment Offered for Green Towns and Cities View article Government Investment to become like Holland Tucked away in the recent ‘Gear Change A bold vision for cycling and walking’ (See Below - Page 19) is a statement about the government wishing to ‘stimulate a large number of pro... View article North Street - Consultation on a new Scheme Starts View article The North Street site in Guildford Site is to the east of the Friary and currently in most part is vacant land beside the bus station.  It has been vacant for many years. The North Street page on this website contains additional background an... View article Restart at the Solum Guildford Station Site View article After a delay of about a year it appears work is starting in earnest at Guildford Station to develop the Solum Scheme Work starts in early 2021 that will provide a new temporary two-storey car park with 121 parking bays and an access road tha... View article Swindon Revising its Bus System - ideas for Guildford View article A Scheme with Relevance to Guildford Swindon Borough Council has been awarded £25m funding, towards creating a Bus Boulevard Scheme, through the Government’s Future High Streets Fund, which supports local areas’ plans to make the... View article Local Plan - Serious Investment Required View article

A very important stage in the development has been reached with the latest Local Plan Consultation completed in July 2017. 


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A Transport Interchange ? Our view on Solum's Railway Station Site Development View article The Guildford Society held an Open Meeting on 21 Jan. 2015 about Guildford's largest ever building application to redevelop the Station site.  Our complete GS reports and presentation may be found in our Hot Topics section.  The present... View article Avoid Future Gridlock View article Avoid Future Gridlock - These are proposals first published 2013 , Many are still worthy of consideration as suggestions by The Guildford Society Transport Group for measures to relieve some of Guildford's Transport problems.  ... View article

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