Transport Changes in London

21 September 2021

A Familiar Map Changes

For those who visit London; the first major addition to the London Underground this century has come into service with the Northern line being extended to serve new stations at Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station.

The new stations will support circa 25,000 new jobs and more than 20,000 new homes will have resulted from the investment, according to TfL, with Battersea now a 15-minute direct ride from the City and West End. Work has come in under budget and only a year behind schedule, including a pause due to Covid.

It is anticipated that eight million passengers a year could eventually use the extension to the line.

The Future

It is likely that the Northern Line could be untangled – allowing it to be split into two operationally separate lines.  For now, trains to Battersea will run from all the northern branches, with services on the new extension every 10-12 minutes, doubling in frequency next year.

The line has been constructed to allow extension to Clapham Junction Station about 3Kms away.  This extension appears to be dependent on Clapham Junction Station being redeveloped and Cross Rail 2 being built.  A concern has always been to manage the number of passengers likely to change between the London Underground and Surface Rail at Clapham Junction.  

London accelerates Zero-Emission Buses

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that all new buses ordered for the capital will now be zero-emission, this builds on its achievement of making its entire bus fleet compliant with strict Euro VI emission standards.

TFL consider increasing the use of public transport is a fundamental part of tackling the toxic air pollution and climate change.  Making buses zero-emission will save four million tonnes of carbon by 2037, and moving the date forward to 2030 will save an additional one million tonnes

TFL has 950 zero-emission buses on the road or on order. TfL plan to have a fully zero-emission bus network by 2034.


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