Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan Guildford Area

26 November 2023

Surrey County Council developing a Plan

Surrey County Council, which manages the major roads in Guildford Borough is developing a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for Guildford to help determine where best to prioritise improvements.

SCC have run a consultation exercise to gather ideas on new cycling routes that would be beneficial in the area, this ended in the summer.  SCCwill consider all comments received by this date when developing a prioritised list of routes for proposed improvement. The final list of routes in the LCWIP will be informed by the suggestions received, current and forecast demand for walking and cycling journeys and the scope to make meaningful improvements within Guildford’.

Once the ideas have been collated it is proposed to move to a second stage that is devloping the Feasibility and Funding of the selected routes and improvements, and this is expected to take place in summer 2024 to Spring 2025.

The Guildford Bicycle Users Group (G-Bug) has been active in proposing various routes. See the G-Bug Website.

Integrating the Schemes.

Creating a proper Cycle and Walking Network for Guildford is to be commended.  It is a vital step in making Guildford more suitable for Active Travel options. The society will be interested to see if the proposals coming forward will adequately address:

  1. Cycling Infrastructure for the Towns Gyratory System and also walking routes in the same area,
  2. Do the plans provide for the requirements of the proposed strategic sites e.g. Weyside Village, Gosden Hill etc.
  3. How will the proposed Sustainable Movement Corridors integrate into this network
  4. What targets and measures of success will inform progress on developing the network
  5. What measures to encourage cycling and walking will be put into place.

This plan should also link to the creation and extension of the London Road scheme being currently consulted upon.

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