National Infrastructure Commission. Getting Cities Moving

01 July 2022

June 2022 Report

The National Infrastructure Commission has issued a report ‘Getting Cities Moving’ (see link below) that highlights the role that urban transport provision can have in supporting economic growth and improved productivity.  The report says the future of demand for urban transport is uncertain, depending on how people and businesses adjust over time to trends such as increased flexible working and population shifts. It is important thet plans can be easily adaptable working with a variety of scenarios and that are responsive to future developments.

The NIC report emphasises that uncertainty does not lead to paralysis and inaction.

Key Points from the report include

  • Getting cities moving supports Economic Activity and improves Quality of Life.
  • Good Urban Transport supports Cities achieve Levelling Up
  • Urban transport networks may change after Covid with new working patterns emerging
  • Better urban transport should meet the needs of place -  providing the travel options that will enable people to move freely around to access services and meet other people. Increasing travel options when there is little space for more cars means improving alternative options.
  • Facilitating more trips within cities by shifting demand from cars to forms of transport that can move people around urban areas more efficiently.
  • Trajectory to net zero needs to be enabled with electrification the main technology to support this.
  • Improve public transport and active travel options
  • Work needs to start now on adaptive long-term plans for mass transit this may include having to take some risky bets on investment.
  • Measures to discourage private car journeys should be taken seriously as an option

Lessons for Guildford?

Guildford is not a large city as covered by the report.  The report does contain themes that should be considered in planning our future transport infrastructure.  The key one is doing nothing is not a viable option.


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