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Since 1896 we have acted as a focus for all who care about Guildford’s heritage and environment.  Close attention is paid to Key Sites scheduled for Development/Redevelopment in the borough; and the current development of the Town Centre Master Plan.

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Lecture - Multiple Housing Design View article The Society is pleased to annouce the free Annual Architecture Lecture held in conjuction with the University of Surrey. Providing quality multiple housing has a special importance for Guildford with several large new developments planned in the T... View article Guildford Design Awards – Update View article The Guildford Design Awards, which is being run jointly by Guildford Borough Council and The Guildford Society, has had a busy few weeks accepting entries, agreeing a short list, and visiting sites.  The Guildford Design Awards judging p... View article The 15 Minute Neighbourhood View article The four principles of the 15-minute neighbourhood was proposed by Carlos Moreno at the COP21 conference in 2015 Proximity: Things must be close. Diversity: Land uses must be mixed to provide a wide variety of urban amenities nearby. Densit... View article University 5G research centre named UK’s best university-industry partnership View article The Royal Academy of Engineering and Warwick University Manufacturing Gorup (WMG) have awarded the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) as the first ever winner of the Bhattacharyya Award. The £25,000 prize recognises t... View article Refurbishing Buildings to curb carbon emissions View article Construction material manufacture (Steel, Bricks, Cement) creates vast amounts of CO2. Cement alone causes circa 8% of global emissions. A new report  Decarbonising construction: building a new net zero industry  by the Royal Academy of ... View article The Future is Mobility Hubs? View article Arup and Go-Ahead have published a report on how mobility hubs should be designed.  Although many of the concepts have been documented before the report brings current thinking together in a concise form. The report authors propose that by us... View article Funding Infrastructure - Lessons from London View article Guildford has seen little infrastructure investment in Water, Sewage, Electricity, Roads and Rail over the last few decades.  Although investment is emerging e.g. New Sewage Plant as part of the Slyfield development, it is a slow process and har... View article SCC Consult on Local Transport Plan View article Public Consultation is underway on the Surrey County Council Local Transport Plan 2022-2032.  Consultation closes on October 24th 2021 The forward to the plan highlights ‘Meeting the ambitious county and national carbon reduction target... View article Transport Changes in London View article For those who visit London; the first major addition to the London Underground this century has come into service with the Northern line being extended to serve new stations at Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station. The new stations will... View article Doughnut Economics in Guildford View article Refashioning Economics for the 21st Century The Guildford Surrey Green Week run by Zero Carbon Guildford was kicked off by a workshop on ‘Doughnut Economics’ run by the Doughnut Economics Action Lab. As the Doughnut Economics Lab de... View article Guildford Housing Department - Experiment with Design View article Guildford Borough Council (GBC) have recently revealed plans to redevelop a small site on Clover Road currently occupied by disused garages replacing it with  8 apartments, all being affordable housing.  Planning application 21/P/01646 refe... View article Guildford Cathedral Housing Plans View article The Guildford Local Plan Policy A15 has allocated 100 houses on the South Side of the Cathdral Hill leading down to Arlesford Rd. A new round of consultation has now commentnced. VIVID and Guildford Cathedral held a public webinar on Thursday... View article Guildford – A week to Remember. View article There are three events happening in the Town Centre over the next week. Heritage Open Days Thursday 16 - Sunday 19 September Discover the hidden treasures on your doorstep and celebrate our borough's heritage as England's largest festiv... View article Motoring Getting Cheaper View article The government is seeking to move the country to using green transport through various measures including: Supporting Active Travel (Walking and Cycling) Revision to Bus Management Support alternative fuelled vehicles notably electric cars ... View article Interesting Vienna Development View article Vienna is developing the Village im Dritten (Village in the Third District) as a new quarter, with a ‘Park for All’ in the middle. The design has a number of interesting features.  Shielding from Noise and Pollut... View article Guildford Society Responds to St Marys Wharf Consultation 3 View article

The Society welcomes moves redevelop the Debenhams site.  However, we consider the scheme, as presented during this 3rd Consultation, is fundamentally flawed. 


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The Guildford Society has been an active voice, speaking up for the town and its surrounding countryside and villages for over a century.  

While mindful of the past, our heritage and precious environment, we look firmly to the future

We recognise that development must, and will, take place. However, we do not believe this should be at the expense of Guildford’s historic character and beauty, nor of the unspoilt countryside that surrounds it. 

We want our town to be vibrant, attractive, and liveable. We support development that brings a sense of place and enhances the best aspects of our town. If such aims can be embraced, we believe Guildford has the chance to lead the way in enabling sensitive and sustainable development.

Pressures for development are increasing. Planning rules are being eased. The Society’s commitment to standing up for Guildford is needed more than ever.


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