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The Guildford Society has been an active voice, speaking up for the town and its surrounding countryside and villages, since 1896. As a Civic Society, we act as a focus for all who care about Guildford’s heritage and environment. While mindful of the past, we look firmly to the future. 

We recognise that development must, and will, take place. However, we do not believe this should be at the expense of Guildford’s historic character and beauty, nor of the unspoilt countryside that surrounds it.

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Weyside Urban Village - Public Consultation View article The consultation on the plans to build the Weyside Urban Village is coming to its end. The last of a series of ‘virtual’ event is 4th November - See how to attend  Weyside Urban Village has a Website containing lots of inform... View article Building Design - New Architecture of Interest View article Design of buildings can be judged in so many ways, Practicality, Cost, Aesthetics, Sustainability etc.  Design also evolves as new materials become available and/or the cost of materials changes. Modern design can invoke strong reactions both... View article The Housing Demand Algorithm View article There has been a deluge of comments about the Housing Algorithm.  Wired Magazine has a good summary of the issues that the Algorithm might cause if it is proceeded with. The Wired article concludes after discussing various Government Algorith... View article A New Look for the Society View article We have launched a new website and a new image for the Society.  This is a significant change to make communication with our members and the public easier. Website In an environment that increasingly depends upon electronic commu... View article Working from home won’t slash emissions View article The Conversation Website has published an interesting article on how working from home won’t slash emissions unless a car-free lifestyle is enabled.  An analysis of the National Travel Survey showed that people working from home made just ... View article Greenbelt reduces by 6% View article The recent publication from the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) of Greenbelt Statistics confirms that Guildford has seen a 6% reduction in Greenbelt land.  This is due to policies adopted in the new 2019 local plan. ... View article Town Centre Masterplan - Will it be overtaken by events? View article Masterplan Development Agreed Guildford Borough council agreed in July to proceed with the development of a Guildford Economic Regeneration Programme Masterplan Strategy / Town Centre Masterplan.  As well as Council Officers this Strategy wil... View article Winners of the Guildford Society Design Awards 2020 View article The Guildford Society are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Design Awards. We are planning a virtual Awards Ceremony to be held later in the autumn. In a difficult year because of Covid 19, which delayed some new buildings in Guildford f... View article Guildford Park Rd Car Park – Quality of Design View article Modification The council is modifying its plans for the redevelopment of the Guildford Park Road Car Park (16/P/01290) by removing the Multi Storey Car Park (MSCP), with its circa 380 spaces. The space thus freed up will provide additional dwellin... View article Network Rail considering Environmental Pollution View article Network Rail have published a report September 2020 on how they plan to tackle Environmental Pollution across the rail network in years to come.   Andrew Haines Network Rail Chief Executive highlights: The opportunity for ra... View article

Help us make Guildford better

We want our town to be vibrant, attractive and liveable. We support development that brings a sense of place and enhances the best aspects of our town. If such aims can be embraced, we believe Guildford has the chance to lead the way in enabling sensitive and sustainable development.

Pressures for development are increasing. Planning rules are being eased. The Society’s commitment to standing up for Guildford is needed more than ever.

Topic Areas

The society has several work groups that look at the preservation and evolution of Guildford more details can be found in the appropriate section.

Other Organisations

The Society engages with a variety of other organisations who share our interests and we share the links for information. We are also include links to Guildford Borough Council and other government bodies and Developers of key sites. Finally we include a other links that of interest related to the borough.

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Getting involved allows the society to continue its work.   We welcome new members, from every age and background.  Membership provides an opportunity for you to contribute to the continued health of the town and surrounding area, and to meet other people who care about Guildford.