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The Guildford Society Executive met on the 16th January 2019.

At the meeting the Executive, in accordance with the rules of the society, elected a new Chair, to replace Julian Lyon who stood down late last year, and also elected a Deputy Chair.

The Executive passed a vote of thanks to Julian Lyon for his work over the past few years as Chairman and member for the Executive, and welcomed his continued membership of The Guildford Society.
The new chairman of the society is Alistair Smith a Guildford Resident since 1984.  Alistair’s background is in Business Consultancy and IT working for major international businesses, since retiring has become involved in the activities of the Guildford Society, and is a current member of the Executive.

The Deputy Chairman is Peter Coleman a long time Guildford Resident who has recently stepped back from a full-time career as an Architect.  Peter continues an active interest in the built environment and is a part time design adviser to the London Mayor.
Both look forward to working with the Societies Executive and Members to further the aims of the society.  A particular focus will be to widen and diversify the membership – so all ideas welcome.


Jonathan Bore the inspector will re-open the local plan hearing to consider Household projections. These hearings will be Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th February 2019. The venue is Council Offices Millmead.   The society is glad that the issue of housing numbers in the borough is to be re-visited.  The Society reamin very concerned that other issues are not to be re-examined particularly, Spatial Policy, Town Centre Policies and Infrastructure Provision



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