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03 October 2023

How the proposed North Street Development impacts transport.

The North Street Scheme, in its pivotal position in the centre of Guildford, will if consented have a significant impact on transport around the Town Centre. Using the latest  revided application (23/P/01211) we have summarised some of the main changes for information. 

Road Network

Below is a summary diagram of the changes proposed surrounding the North Strett Site

TC Road Layout

North Street

North Street like the High Street will become a pedestian only zone for most of the working day.  Out of working hours, deliveries and taxis will be able to use the street in a westbound direction.  Additonal bus stops will appear adjacent to the library and all parking will be removed.  The taxi stand at the top of North Street will be made smaller.



The Scheme will provide a revamped bus station with buses from the North and West entering the station from the north.  Bus stands will be reduced but in part replaced by 4 stops at the top end of North Street adjacent to the library.

Surrey County Council anticipate moving Park and Ride Services from the bus station to use these stops being provided at the north end of North Street.  One assumes this move will be accompanied by a recast of Park and Ride Services e.g. Artington to the Merrow.

Buses will still have a layover lane in the middle of the Bus Station.

Bellow is the proposed flow of traffic in the Bus Station

Bus Station Flows

Leapale Road

Leapale Road from North Street to Onslow Street will become a complex street fitting in on a two way road Buses, Deliveries to the North Street Site, Parking access to Leapale Road, and the North Street Site, and through vehicular traffic.

Leapale Rd will have its access changed so it can only be entered and exited by traffic approaching from the south (North Street) direction.

Commercial Vehicles will be limited to 7.5 tons (Basically rigid trucks) for deliveries in North Street and Leapale Road. 

Leapale road will have Taxis running along it outside Pedestrian use hours of North Street.

Traffic Pedestrian hours
Outside Pedestrian Hours

 The Gyratory

The Gyratory will gain a Yellow Box at the North Street/Millmead Junction to allow access for Taxi’s and Delivery vehicles onto the Gyratory during the hours that North Street is closed for pedestrians.

Yellow Box


A Guildford Local Cycling and Walking Plan is under development by Guildford Borough council.  The understanding is that North Street will be part of the core cycle network with two-way cycling in North Street. It looks as if the the cycle route will be down the pedestrian area of North Street how this is to be accommodated is unclear.


Residents of the North Street Scheme will have good access to the Bus Station. 

Access to the Rail Station is very similar to today, having to cross Onslow Street and then access the station via Walnut tree Bridge or Bridge Street.

During business hours many will use the route through the Friary Shopping Centre and the Bridge across Onslow Street.  This route is quick and easy BUT ends in a poorly signposted route using ramps in the car park. 

There will be a new Pedestrian Crossing in Leapale Rd (Copenhagen Style i.e. built up road surface between curbs to provide level walking).

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