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Gordon Bridger View article Gordon Bridger, a member of our executive, died peacefully at home 27th November 2020, he was 92.   Gordon Bridger was a member of The Guildford Society for 50 years, during that time he was an active and influential member of ... View article Debenhams is Closing View article The Debenhams site is an opportunity for the Town -- we should not lose it. Today 1-12-2020 the demise of Debenhams was annouced.  This is obviously a major concern to the many Debenhams employees, particulalry as other retail jobs are not re... View article Walnut Tree Close One Way Trial View article Surrey County Council will be implementing a trial one-way system on the Walnut Tree Close between Topps Tiles on the right hand bend going north and near the postal sorting office from December 2020 to mid-February 2021. During the two-and... View article The Housing Demand Algorithm being rethought? View article There has been a deluge of comments about the Housing Algorithm.  Wired Magazine has a good summary of the issues that the Algorithm might cause if it is proceeded with. This last weekend 14th 15th November there have been press comments that... View article Planning for the Future View article Guildford Society has responded to the consultation on the Planning for the Future White Paper.  Although we can sympathise with the objectives to make the planning system simpler and the results better we have serious concerns that the White Pa... View article Any date for Footpath restoration? View article 2nd November marks the anniversary of the collapse of the Tumbling Bay Weir.  Whilst everyone is glad that the weir which is an intrinsic part of the Wey Navigation and local Flood Management has been rebuilt; there remains a missing link. ... View article Planning is migrating from paper to IT. View article The recent Planning for the Future White Paper presents proposals to enable the planning system using IT technology, although it is lacking in specific details.  It is interesting that use of IT may be happening anyway.  Most Architectural ... View article Building Design - New Architecture of Interest View article Design of buildings can be judged in so many ways, Practicality, Cost, Aesthetics, Sustainability etc.  Design also evolves as new materials become available and/or the cost of materials changes. Modern design can invoke strong reactions both... View article A New Look for the Society View article We have launched a new website and a new image for the Society.  This is a significant change to make communication with our members and the public easier. Website In an environment that increasingly depends upon electronic commu... View article Greenbelt reduces by 6% View article The recent publication from the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) of Greenbelt Statistics confirms that Guildford has seen a 6% reduction in Greenbelt land.  This is due to policies adopted in the new 2019 local plan. ... View article Town Centre Masterplan - Will it be overtaken by events? View article Masterplan Development Agreed Guildford Borough council agreed in July to proceed with the development of a Guildford Economic Regeneration Programme Masterplan Strategy / Town Centre Masterplan.  As well as Council Officers this Strategy wil... View article What is happening to the Planning System? View article

The Planning System is undergoing a series of major changes at National Level. We have tried to bring together some of the key developments. Local Policies are also still evolving.

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