E-Bikes are the Future?

03 March 2022

Netherlands leading the way

It is well known that the Netherlands is a country where bike usage is high enabled by good infrastructure provision and that it is a flat country.

A surprise is that the Dutch have embraced electric bikes. A recent survey by the Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) shows that 4.6 million residents of the Netherlands own at least one electric bicycle.  E-bikes also appear to attract older riders and other studies in the Netherlands has shown e-Bikes allow people to keep riding to a older age.

As e-bikes travel faster and further with reduced effort, electric bicycles have quickly become an alternative to cars and other forms of conventional transportation for many journeys.  Commuters in particular, who have been put off by conventional bikes due to the extra exertion and time involved, have taken to using e-Bikes.

The indications are that e-bikes have helped reduce the number of cars on the road, which studies have found can significantly reduce traffic, with associated benefits for the speed and reliability of Bus services.  A Belgian study in Brussels has found that a 10% switch from cars to two-wheelers could reduce congestion by up to 40%.

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