London Road Cycle Way - Consultation Extended

27 September 2023

Consultation on proposed cycle way

The proposals to revise London Road to provide a cycle way along to road from York Road to the Lidl Store in Merrow have provoked much debate, in part caused by a flawed consultation conducted by Surrey County Council.  Main roads in Guildford are the responsibility of Surrey County Council NOT Guildford Borough Council.  The consutation has been extended partly due the late publication of the traffic survey attached at the foot of this post.

We Need Cycleways.

Guildford is a car dependent town with a cars being used for a large number of short journeys within the town.  Although the town is hilly, modern e-bikes (See “e-bikes are coming” below) remove this as a barrier for most people.   Improving our cycle network is to be encouraged. 

Quality of Cycleways

Creating Cycleways to proper standards is a difficult task in existing conurbations. Good standards of separation of Cyclists and Pedestrians and Vehicles are necessary to encourage cycling.  The government has published a comprehensive guide to design of cycling infrastructure to guide local authorities.

Too many of our cycleways are just white paint on roads with cyclists forced into traffic due to rough road edges and gutters, or use pavements which are inadequately maintained, with overhanging branches a particular hazard.

Scheme Details

The London Road Scheme will provide:

  • Installing one-way dedicated cycle paths on both sides of London Road – includes some shared pathways at three pinch points ; Kingpost Parade, outside the Emporia, at the Guildford High School
  • Upgrading the existing roundabouts to provide safer crossings for cyclists and pedestrians, includes a “dutch” style roundabout at Boxgrove / Stoke Park junction 
  • Creating 5 x  new traffic light controlled  pedestrian crossing points – with parallel (tiger) crossings for cyclists at other junctions
  • Making improvements to existing junctions
  • Upgrading bus stops

It is expected that the London Road Scheme will also ultimately provide a link through to the proposed development at Gosden Hill Farm to provide Active Travel links to the Town Centre.

See the Surrey County Council flythrough of the proposed scheme below.

It is your chance to see the proposals in detail at three public events

  • 8th November Guildford High School London Road 18:30 to 21:00hrs
  • 18th November Geroge Abbot School 10:00 to 14:00hrs
  • 6th December Gerorge Abbot School 18:00 to 20:00hrs 

The engagement period started on the 18 September and will close after an extension on the 15th December 2023  there will be a number of different ways for you to tell us your views on the Active Travel scheme from New Inn Lane to York Road, along the London Road (A3100), including Boxgrove Roundabout, see the consultation website link below.


You can also access the Surrey County Council Consultation Website via this link.  

e-bikes are coming

Surrey County Council are tendering for an operator to operate a Guildford E-bike hire scheme.  Surrey County Council are working collaboration with Guildford Borough Council (GBC) and the University of Surrey.

The three organisations wish to promote cycling as an attractive, accessible, and practical mode of transport.  The e-bike concession, which will operate in and around Guildford town centre, supports the following strategy and policies:

 • To promote active travel and the Local Transport Plan (LTP4) to all residents and visitors to Guildford.

 • To reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality through a reduction in local journeys currently made by car and associated congestion in and around Guildford town centre.

 • To generate revenue without risk and support a sustainable self-sustaining e-bike scheme.

 • The contract will be awarded as a concession contract, with permitted rights to operate a public hire scheme in and around Guildford town centre and on the University of Surrey campus.

The Society View

The Society which has yet to examine the proposals in detail; we will be examining the scheme to see if it provides a quality cycling route mitigating impacts on pedestrians and traffic.  Ultimately the scheme will be trade-off between various modes of travel and what is feasible within the constraints of the existing urban area.  

Changing the mind set towards using cycles for short journeys is difficult and the use of cycles could be set back years by poor qulity cycle lanes.

The proposed E-Bike scheme is also be supported in principle, however again is the cycling infrastructure up to the potential use patterns.  A concern is how cyclists will be encouraged whilst at the same time as avoiding the Gyratory System in the town centre.


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