TfSE Schemes proposed for Guildford Area

22 June 2022

Draft Strategic Investment Plan

Transport for South East (TfSE) the Sub-national Transport Body for the South East have published their draft Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) for South East England. This plan provides a framework for investment in strategic transport infrastructure, services and regulatory interventions in the coming three decades. 

TfSE purpose is to determine what investment is needed in the South East, to transform the transport system and drive economic growth.  It is composed of 16 local authorities, five local enterprise partnerships and representatives of district & borough authorities, protected landscapes and national delivery agencies.

The Strategic Investment Plan proposes a £45 billion plan to improve transport up to 2050.  The plan is the culmination of five years of technical work, stakeholder engagement.  It sets out the steps to decarbonise the transport system across the region, level-up left-behind communities and facilitate sustainable economic growth in the South East.

The plan highlights that a better transport network can affect profound change – connecting people with jobs and training, helping businesses reach markets, bringing family and friends closer together. It can unlock new housing and jobs and help cut carbon emissions. That’s why investing in transport is not an end in itself. It is an investment in people, in business, in our environment and our shared future.

TfSE would like to hear comments from anyone who lives, works, travels through or visits the South East region.

Impact on Guildford

The SIP has details of packages of work for various transport modes. Ones that appear to directly affect Guildford Borough are listed below.  Main impacts appear to be major upgrade on the Rail network, more bus enhancements in Guildford, support for cycling and some work proposed for the A3 mainly north of the town to the M25.  The proposal to segregate out Local Traffic from the A3 is of interest

Rail Package

  • Southern Rail Link to Heathrow
  • North Downs Line - Electrification
  •  North Downs Line - Level Crossing Removals
  • North Downs Line - Service Level and Capacity Enhancements
  • Guildford Station Upgrade
  • South West Main Line / Portsmouth Direct Line - Woking Enhancement Scheme
  • Cross Country Service Enhancements
  • Portsmouth Direct Line - Line Speed Enhancements
  • Portsmouth Direct Line - Buriton Tunnel Upgrade
  • South West Main Line - Dynamic Signalling

Mass Transit

  • Blackwater Valley Mass Rapid Transit
  • Guildford Bus Enhancements
  • Woking Bus Enhancements

Active Travel

  • Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey Urban and Inter-urban Cycleways


  • A3/A247 Ripley South (RIS3 Pipeline)
  • A31 Farnham Corridor (LLM)
  • A3 Guildford Local Traffic Segregation
  • A3 Guildford Long Term Solution

Learn More

Below is a link to the Draft for consultation. 

The consultation will close on 12 September 2022 which can be accessed on this link.

The link also gives accesse to the evidence base for the backing material related to the SIP.



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