Key Sites

This page details the status of key sites that are being considered or are in development. 

The Society is keeping these developments under review for Sustainability, Design, Compliance to Planning etc.

Pleaae use the map to see where key sites are; use the Guildford centre marker to click through to more details of the key sites in the town.

We are adding seperate webpages for key sites as information becomes available so please link through for more information.

Town Centre

See Map and Further Details here

Strategic Sites 

Blackwell Farm  

Some initial ideas proposed in March 2019.  Nor further progress reported. 

See Blackwell Park

Weyside Uban Village (SARP)  

Consultation on initial plans underway

Gosden Hill  

Limited progress as GBC and Developers appear to be disagreeing over provision of Guildford East Rail Station

Wisley Airfield Site  

Consultation on initial plans underway 


Plans coming forward across a non-contiguous site.  Ash Rail Bridge still an issue.


Guildford Urban Area

Royal Surrey County Hospital (RSCH)                                 

Various developments occurring including St Lukes Expansion, Portacabins for Digitisation, ICU units, New accommodation for MRI scanners, Parking Improvements

Stag Hill                               

Scheme still being finalised a submission for planning expected soon.  There are rumours that the development may be delayed due to the Financial Situation

Guildford Park Rd Car Park

GBC Scheme is delayed as the MSCP removed so will have to come back to revise the Planning Approval.  There is considerable discussion on-going about an Active Transport corridor through the site and along the south side of the Cathedral.



Guildford Station West (Research Park)        

Firm plans still awaited

Guildford Station East (Gosden Hill)

Potentially part of the new Gosden Hill development.


M25/A3 Junction final approval early 2021.

Burnt Common Slip Roads moved next funding period.

A3 improvements Burpham to Hogs Back removed from Highways England Plans.


Other Developments of interest

Garlicks Arch    

Consultation on initial plans underway

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