Options to revise Gyratory


Revising the Traffic Circulation in Guildford to solve Pollution, Safety, and congestion Issues

Type & Status

Shaping Guildford Future
Options Being Considered for revising the traffic in the Town Centre.

Traffic Consultants:

2022 - Markides
2015 – A&M (Arups)


The Gyratory impacts the whole town
A3 if blocked can halt the town
Now Polluted (AQMA)
Accident Hazard
Impact on economy of the town

2015 Study

Allies & Morrison using Arups concluded that:-

•Trips through the gyratory are fairly evenly balanced in all directions so bypassing one or two routes would not have a major impact
•Whilst the approach could be used to remove traffic from the core area of the town centre to deliver the masterplan objectives----
•This would come at the price of very costly new infrastructure which could itself be regarded as having a major negative impact on the town centre”
Diagram below shows the latest split of Traffic from the report by Markides for Shaping Guildford's future.

The Plans for the gyratory have evolved over the years.  The first diagram shows one of the prefered options from the A&M/ARUP report.


• Friary Street extended to Onslow Street

• Traffic free space at western end of North Street.

• New park created on Portsmouth Road car park alongside the retained public house.


• Impact on the High Street.

• Impact on existing junction / roads and adjacent buildings (including

some with townscape merit).

• Alterations to High Street bridge

Traffic reductions required of circa 57% at the worst performing junction are predicted


The second scheme from A&M/Arup was as below.


• Enhancement of central riverside area including Bridge Street.

• Traffic free space adjacent to the proposed Bedford Wharf

• New park created on Portsmouth Road car park alongside the retained public house.

• No impact on buildings at junction of High Street, Portsmouth Road and Park Street.

• Lower reductions in traffic flow required.


• Impact on Friary Court and the southern part of the existing units at Friary


• Onslow Street remains as a barrier to movement between the

historic town centre / North Street and the River Wey.

Traffic reductions required of circa 27% at the worst performing junction are predicted


Markides Prefered Option Big C

•Would Portsmouth Road Cope
•Likely need to rebuild Broadford Bridge
•Needs a 30% Reduction in Traffic
•Opens up the Friary Site
Impact on historic Guildford
Impact on St Mary's Development due to ramp up to Bridge.

‘Y’ Scheme

•All Traffic Over Friary Bridge
•Town Bridge used for Bus traffic via Shalford
•Bridge Street pedestrianised
•Needs a 30% Reduction in Traffic
•Town Bridge may need revsion to reduce Flood Issues.

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