North Street Overview


Dwellings, Retail, Revised Bus Station

Type & Status

LPSS 2019 Policy A5

Two Applications have been made.

Application 22/P/01336 to develop part of the site refused (See GBC Refusal Letter Below), this has now been appealed with changes made to the plans under the Wheatcroft provisions.

The changes

  1. futureproof the development to incorporate any new fire safety regulations which may be adopted later in 2023; by providing a second staircase to buildings over 30 metres or with a floorplate larger than 900m2.
  2. This has resulted in a change to the housing mix and some very minor changes to window positions on the elevations.
  3. The total number of new homes remains the same and architectural vision remains as set out in the Design and Access Statement
  4. A south vehicular access has also been added to the bus interchange to address Reasons for Refusal. This will result in the reduction of the previously designed new public square in this area.

The second application proposes further modifications to the 22/P/01336 plans and has been registered as application 23/P/01211. 

In addition to the changes proposed to the appealed 22/P/01336 application, a major change is that Block E has been extensively redesigned and made lower. The scheme also now incorporates better public space in the centre of the application, plus some other minor modifications.

The revised plans have now been approved by the GBC Planning Committe.



1.26 HA (excludes Bus Station)

4-13 Stories

474 Dwellings

376 DpHA

Site also delivers.

10,200 Sq/M Retail




St Edward


Part of a major site identified in LPSS.  The proposed scheme included pedestrianised of most of North Street, plus the replacement of the bus station by an optimised design.

View of Woodbridge Road with the modified scheme 23/P/01211


NS Woodbridge Road

View of The 23/P/01211 as seen from the rail bridge on Farnham Road.


NS Farnham Rod

Block E evolution to latest Scheme at right.

ns block e



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