National/Local Policies

A selection of critical documents.


National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

The national policy document that supports all planning decsions in the country.  Updated December 2023

See 2023 NPPF

Documents supporting Revisons being proposed to Planning System

Planning for the Future 2020

See our Post and Document 

Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission 

See our Post and Document

National Model Design Code 2021

National Model Design Code Pt 1 Coding Process

National Model Design Code Pt 2 Guidance Notes

See our Post and Document

all policies at national levelm can be found at DLUHC Website


The Local Plan LPSS 2019

See Local Plan

Development Management Policies (DMP)

These support the Local Plan and were agreed in early 2023.

See 2023 LP DMP

Strategic Development Framework (SDF)

This document provides supporting information on the development of the Strategic Sites identified in the Local Plan


Greenbelt SPD 

See Greenbelt SPD

Guildford Borough Council has links to all Local Policy documents on its website


Guildford Borough Council on its Planning Portal contains all applications in progress and a applications that have been consented or refused. 

By using the planning application number you can access the application using the simple search facility.  

Alternatively use the interactive map facility  Note it is well worth reading the instructions carefully before you use it for the first time. 


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