Garlick’s Arch, Send Marsh/Burnt Common and Ripley

Local Plan Summary Details - Policy A41

Site allocation

Approximately 550 homes (C3), including some self-build and

custom house building plots, and 6 Travelling Showpeople plots.

Transport strategy

Main vehicular access to the site allocation provided from the A247 with a vehicular link between the B2215 Portsmouth Road and the A247 Clandon Road, relieving pressure on Send Marsh roundabout.

Permeability for pedestrians and cyclists into and from the development particularly to/from the B2215 Portsmouth Road.

Contribution towards an off-site walking and cycle network to the village centre of Send, the Burnt Common Warehouse site and Clandon railway station

Contribution towards mitigation schemes to address the otherwise adverse material impacts on communities and the environment, including in Send, West Clandon and Ripley

Other infrastructure

Increased landscaped buffer/strategic planting with frontage development set back from the A3 with significant additional measures to mitigate the visual impact of development in this location

Flood risk and flood risk management,

Avoid development in flood zones 2 and 3, no increase in flood risk on site or elsewhere

Green corridors and linkages to habitats outside of the site, and significant regard to the ancient woodland within the site

Travelling Showpeople

Design and site layout to take full account of Policy A42, should be provided at a location within the site that reduces the need for large vehicles to travel through the village, but is sensitive to the visual impact of the storage of large machinery, and potential noise disturbance


Reduce flood risk on site and elsewhere

Encourage connections with services and facilities in the village

Improve bus frequency to encourage travel to/from the site by sustainable modes of transport.

Garlick's Arch

Arial View of the Western end of the Site

The A3 is seen as the foreground.  The Northern end of the site is formed by the Send to Ripley Road (Old A3).  It is worth noting the Electricity Grid towers that bisect the site. 

There are plans to install A3 Slip roads from the Send to Calndon Road, Policy A42.  As the Highways Agency appear to pushed back this upgrade to the A3 for several years this may have implications for Transport Plans for the site.

Western end

Current Status

The site has been acquired by two separate developers.

The larger portion is held by London Strategic Land and Countryside who after considerable debate have now modified previous plan and updated a planning application 19/P/02223 | Hybrid (part full/part outline) comprising:

Full planning permission for 220 residential dwellings (Use Class C3), Travelling Showpeople plots (Sui Generis) and 81 sqm community facility (Use Class F.2(b)), with associated open space and landscaping, means of access, parking, drainage, utilities and infrastructure works, temporary and permanent acoustic fencing, and other associated works

Outline planning permission, with all matters reserved except for access, for up to 300 residential dwellings (Use Class C3) with associated open space and landscaping (including a landscape bund and acoustic fencing), means of access, enabling infrastructure and other associated works.

The Society objected to plans as submitted as we considered the design undistinguished and how the development integrates with Send and Clandon is unclear.  We are now reviewing the revised proposals.

A small part of the area faces Oldands Lane and is being developed by Langham homes this was subject to a planning application 19/P/02191 was refused on grounds of design, layout, scale, density and small plot sizes which the Council felt would result in an overly cramped form of development out of keeping with its surroundings. The Council also seeks contributions towards SPA mitigation, infrastructure provision and highway improvements. This application seeks to address the previous reasons for refusal.

The Society raised concerns on the original planning application and we are now reviewing the revised proposals.

Revised proposals have been the subject of pre-application discussions with the Council’s planning and design officers. The revise plans are incorporated in planning application 21/P/00352.



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