Town Centre - Updated February 2022

Key Sites that are of interest in the Town Centre

Town Centre

The Town Centre is subject to the development of a Town Centre Master Plan at Present.  Details of this programme and supporting documentation.

Solum Station Site               

Local Plan Policy A7 - A very slow start on site, with a delay of approximatelt 12 months due to Covid.  Solum have now pre-sold one block to Grainger who operate it as a PRS scheme.  This block is now under construction at north end of site.  

A temporay Car Park is now in operation.  Solum are also modifying their planning application to vary the number and balance of 1 vs. 2 vs. 3 bedroom units - application for a total of over 500 dwellings is expected.

Stag Hill                             

Local Plan Policy A15 - a planning application has now been submitted. The society has written expressing concerns at various aspects of the scheme. 

Guildford Park Rd Car Park

Local Plan Policy A11 - GBC Scheme is delayed as the MSCP has been removed.  The Scheme is now being redesigned and toatlly revised proposal should be presented soon.  How this scheme links to the proposals for Stag Hill will be a issue.

Bright Hill Car Park             

Local Plan Policy A12 - Council have appointed consultants for the site.  A recent development is that the Robin Hood Pub is closing - whether this is now included in the site is unclear.  No news as to when proposals will be bought forward.


GBC Scheme to upgrade the Museum has been delayed/cancelled due to the Economic Situation

House of Fraser                  

The future of the shop is uncertain, part of the site may be converted to be a Hotel with retail retained on the Ground Floor.  Site is a difficult site in that it is very deep getting natural light to the centre is a issue.

North Street                         

Local Plan Policy A7 - St Edwards (M&G/Berkley Homes JV) have now conducted a consultation exercise  Following agreement with Guildford Council who own part of the site, the Bus Station will probably stay on site but with modified traffic flows.

JTP are the appointed architects.  

A  draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Report for comment has been submitted to GBC 

Debenhams/ St Marys Wharf                         

Site not in local Plan - M&G have sold the site to Native Land who after a series of public consultations have submitted a planning application.  The proposal is for a a mixed use commercial on the ground floor and dwellings on the upper floors. The Society has objected to this development

Plaza Site                        

Local Plan Policy A1 - A new scheme has now been approved by the Planning committee. 

Casino Site                         

Planning Refused 7-2020, a consented scheme is still applicable for the site.  The owners of the site recently lost an appeal on the site.  

White Lion Walk 

Local Plan Policy A60 - The small retail centre between High Street and Bridge Street has a proposed scheme to reduce the retail element and turn the 2nd floor to multiple use offices.  The application 21/P/00573 was approved September 2021

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