Stag Hill Cathedral Housing Development

Local Plan Summary Details Policy A15

The site is allocated for approximately 100 homes (C3)
(1) Pedestrian routes through the site connecting to the existing footpath system in Cathedral owned land which also enables access to the University of Surrey’s Stag Hill campus

(2) Retain strategically important views of the Cathedral and its setting across the town

(3) Sensitive to the setting of the Grade II* listed building (Guildford Cathedral)

(4) A holistic approach to the landscaping of the site to include no unacceptable impact on existing trees or mature hedges

(5) The loss of greenfield requires provision of sufficient integral green infrastructure to enable connectivity of spaces and habitats

(6) Whilst there will be an overall loss of open space, development proposals should incorporate attractive pockets of open space and green infrastructure within the development site, linking to green spaces outside of the site and helping to lessen the impact of the loss



Proposed Plans

A third round of consultation has now commenced. VIVID and Guildford Cathedral held a public webinar on Thursday, 23 September at 6pm, to share their proposals for new homes.

The webinar will be hosted by VIVID and Guildford Cathedral, the delivery partners for the proposed new scheme, along with architects JTP and other specialist consultants. 

Visit the Vivid - Guildford Cathedral page for more information.

The proposals which are due to be submitted as a full planning application shortly are for 111 units of which 40% will be affordable and 13 reserved for use by the Church of England.  The development will be split into 3 areas, with a line of housing to the west end of the site, a denser development at the east end and two lines of Chuch housing on the Eastern slopes leading up to the Cathedral.


Application Timeline proposed by Vivid

Plan of Submission

Proposed Design Eastern End of Site

Design View

Plan of Site Detailing Transport

Transport Plan

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