POLICY A5: North Street redevelopment, Guildford

Site allocated for a comprehensive mixed use redevelopment

1) Approximately 41,000 sq m (gross) comparison retail floorspace


a figure that is consistent with subsequent updates to the

Guildford Retail and Leisure studies

2) Approximately 6,000 sq m food and drink establishments 

3) Approximately 400 homes 

4)1 gym (D2)

5) Office provision - retain a minimum of 5,500 sq m of existing office floorspace 

Development must respond to the context set by the surrounding street pattern and historic environment, including the adjacent Conservation Area, through the need for high quality design and materials, with particular care of massing, heights and roofscapes

Design to enhance and respond to the existing historic shopping core and;

(a) Improve connectivity with High Street and lanes, and

(b) Improve underused areas, and

(c) Improve the public realm

(5) Provide a varied roofscape, minimising the impact on the skyline

to protect views in and out of the site

(6) Mix day and night time uses to add to vitality of area

(7) 24 hour access to public streets and squares

Bus interchange

Bus interchange facilities presently provided at Guildford bus station on the site are to be provided in a suitable alternative arrangement to be located either partly or wholly on or off site.

Mitigation measures, including those achieving modal shift to sustainable modes of transport, to accommodate the increased travel demand from the development, and changes to the town centre network for private traffic, deliveries, and buses

North Street LP Diagram

Current Status.

A proposal for the site is awaited in Q1 2021.  Final commercial agreement has yet to be reached between St Edwards and GBC.  (GBC own part of the site as well as being the planning authority) 

Although the local plan shows the exisiting Friary centre is included in the site it appears the redevelopment will exclude:

> Exisitng Friary Site

> Sanofi House

> Barclays Bank, Norwich House etc on North Street.

With the down turn in retail space demand the site will be primarily residential with up to 850 dwellings being discussed. --- source  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Report 2019 submitted by St Edwards.  

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