North Street Appealed and Revised Scheme submitted (October 3rd Update)

18 June 2023

Public Presentation of Revised Plans

The developers St Edwards are appealing the orginal scheme (see below) but have also submited a fully revised scheme which they believe answers the reasons for refusal as detailed by Guildford Borough Council when refusing the orginal plan in January 2023.

St Edwards state that: 
"In extremely challenging economic times, we remain committed to delivering a scheme that we believe will transform the town centre and bring a myriad of benefits to residents, businesses and the wider community" .

A Twin Track Approach

St Edward the developers of the North Street have decided to follow a two track approach to changing the scheme following the refusal of the planning application in January 2023.  Note at the foot of the post you can find the Decision notice and Comitte report relating to the refusal by the GBC Planning Comitttee.

In parallel St Edward will

a) Appeal the Scheme

This appeal includes a change to the Bus Station allowed under the Wheatcroft planning principles, (This modified Scheme is now available on the Council Planning Portal at application no 22/P/01336).  The Society has now lodged a series of comments with the The Planning Inspectorate on the scheme including the proposed revisons. You can read our concerns at document 2023-8-16 below,

b) Revised the Scheme

St Edwards have also now submitted a more heavily revised scheme with amended heights etc. as a new scheme 23/P/01211

This approach provides for a determination meeting for the revised scheme before the planning inspector hears the appeal against the Guildford Borough Council Refusal of the original scheme.

Proposed Planning Process


As a reminder the North Street site is complex, and GBC have agreed to sell land to St Edward to make the site feasible.


The revised Bus Station includes the retention of the southern access to the bus station in addition to providing a new north entrance. This still allows for a substantial section of north Street to be pedestrianised. The lower end of North Street will be restricted to Buses and delivery vehicles.

Bus Station

The revised scheme, in addition to the Bus Station changes will include a totally revised  and lower Block E at the north end of the site, changes to public areas, higher quality and changed material on many of the facades, and potentially more affordable units.

The Evolution of Block E.

Block E

The Revised Scheme 23/P/01211Determination

The Guildford Borough Council Planning Comittee are due to consider the revised scheme at a meeting 11/10/2023.  The Guildford Society having considered the revisions fully consider that the proposed scheme is still too Dense and high for the site, with undistinguished architecture particular the revised Block E which has become a stumpy brick clad block.  There are also several issues with the revised road layout that need addressing including provison for Cyclists, and complex traffic arrangments in Leapale Road.

You can find our letter of Objection to the scheme at 23-P-1211 Revised North Street Scheme V3 below.

Revised Scheme 23/P/01211 - Leapale Road Frontage

Junction of Leapale Road and Onslw Street to Right.

Leapale Road Frontage

3D illustration of part of Leapale Road

Showing the large very plain brick facades


Revised Scheme 23/P/01211 - Commercial Road

Facade as seen across the Bus Station

commerial Road

Other impacted sites.

There a number of sites that interact with the North Street Site including:

A revised Barlays Bank building proposed for North Street - See More

A revised No1 Onslow Street building approved by GBC. - See More



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