Debenhams Site - St Marys Wharf Consultation

17 March 2021

You have until April 1st to contribute views.

Native Land have appointed a team to propose a design for the site. The Society has added a page to the website to keep track of progress of the development. 

The team have now published a initial ideas for the site, and to keep the public informed have launched a website

An initial Public Consultation has been launched, which is being conducted in the main electronically.  The initial consultation focuses on the thinking being applied to the site and options for the basic outline plans.  There are no details on design, materials or height at present.  The video of the presentation on these outline plans can be seen here.  The presentation is given by Henry Squire of Squire and Parners the architects appointed by Native Land.  

There are no indications as to what guidance the council planners may have provided to Native Land for the site.

The consultation process that will run to the Thursday 1st April 2020.

The Society will be responding to the consultation after examining the material in detail.

The Video has many points of interest including:

  • A discussion on whether to redevelop the existing building as opposed to a total rebuild. (See Pritzker Architecture Prize below)
  • Options to make a new building less monolithic, with three options presented for a two-building option. 
  • Options to provide public Space and far better circulation along the Wey
  • Mention that the re-opening of the pedestrian underpass is being considered
  • Flooding is mentioned but no detail on how it is going to be tackled, apart from no dwellings on ground floor, is yet available.

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