Guildford Should Do Better

07 October 2022

Climate Change and Housing

A large amount of new housing being proposed in Guildford still fails to meet the challenges of Climate Change, despite the council declaring a Climate Emergency.  There are examples of new houses still being proposed to be built with gas boilers etc.  Some developers are beginning to be serious about climate change e.g. Taylor Wimpey are proposing a Energy Centre approach at Wisley.

A recently approved scheme in Lewisham is a an example of what can be achieved on a modest scheme of 36 Dwellings combining interesting architecture, place making and compliance with Passivhaus Standards.

Arcus Road

Phoenix Community Housing supported by their architects Mikhail Riches have had a planning application for 36 homes built to Passivhaus standards accepted in Lewisham.  Phoenix Community Housing created a clear brief that included an obligation for the design to be built to Passivhaus Standards.

Mikhail Riches, are the architects responsible for the 2019 RIBA Stirling Prize Winner development Goldsmith Street in Norwich. They have created a design of 3 terraces, 2 of which respect the sloping site to manage the level change.  The design integrates sustainability with placemaking. The street section has been developed to integrate SUDS, incorporate parking whilst maximising usable landscape for residents.

The heart of the site is the Community Street. It has been designed as a shared surface with a Community Garden on the south facing side. Private gardens face onto the Community Garden breaking down public private barriers and encourage people to meet.

We Need to do Better

Guildford should be demanding more of the developments coming forward. Proposals for 50 houses in Wood Street Village 22/P/01371 include using Gas Boilers with some improvement to insulation.  The council as the client for the major development at Guildford Park Road also have a opportunity to demonstrate what can be done by demanding high environmental standards for the development.

Learn More on Sustainable Design

Come to our Annual Architecture Lecture 2022: Sustainable Design in Housing, addressing the Climate and Energy crisis see link below for details 

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