Innovative Approaches to Housing

08 November 2022

A Different Approach

A Different Approach

Architect Peter Barber is noted for delivering interesting housing, often on difficult sites. His projects reference older styles of housing and ways of living which have proved sustainable. This is in contrast to many contemporary housing developments which is delivering anonymous slabs of identikit apartments, with single-aspect flats arranged off long, double-sided corridors.

His designs show a ambition to develop interesting and liveable modern housing developments. Although recognising there is a plce for high buildings he also notes that high buildings 'waste 20% of floor area normally due to lift shafts and corridors.

He has worked mostly in London, Sadiq Khan Mayor of London has written about his work that: The philosophy underpinning Barber’s architecture is the notion that the street is the building block of a city – he isn’t just designing homes but designing London as well. His work complements our efforts to build a better London for everyone – a city that is fairer, greener, safer and more prosperous for all our communities.

Soane Award

In recognition of his contribution to Architecture Peter Barber has been named winner of the prestigious 2022 Soane medal.  Sir John Soane was one of the foremost architects of the Regency era, a Professor of Architecture at the Royal Academy, and a dedicated collector of paintings, sculpture, architectural fragments and models, books, drawings, and furniture.  He designed many notable buildings including the Bank of England.

The Soane medal recognises architects, educators and critics who have made a major contribution to their field through practice, history or theory, and in doing so have furthered and enriched the public understanding of architecture. 

You can watch the Peter Barber lecture on accepting the Soane Award here 

He is also the subject of a article in The Guardian

A lesson for Guildford Town

Guildford has many developments where essentially the same Architectural treatment is in evidence, large blocks, punched windows, flat roofs, similar apartments often with single aspect etc. It is time we encouraged new ideas and concepts on our development sites.  There is much talk of placemaking, but if we have identikit architecture it is difficult to differentiate places!!!  

Below are three picture of Barber schemes.  These are supplemented by three pictures of schemes currently being proposed for Guildford, which readers may find interesting  


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