Zero Carbon Home by Largest UK Housebuilder

28 October 2021

Zero Carbon home concept launched

Barratt Developments, the UK’s largest housebuilder, is building the first zero carbon house by a major housebuilder to substantially surpass the Future Homes Standard, delivering over 125% improvement.  The ‘Z House’ will be built with over 40 industry partners showcasing the future of sustainable living

Barratt Developments is building a unique flagship zero carbon home concept that will be occupied and monitored to assess its performance. Barratt has announced that all of its new homes will be zero carbon by 2030 and this concept house is the first step in achieving that. It is being developed as an industry showcase home to demonstrate what is achievable, particularly from a mainstream, volume housebuilder.

The house will be on the main campus at the University of Salford, and is based on the popular Barratt ‘Alderney’ housetype.  Salford University have their Energy House Laboratories in close proximity to the house and will play a pivotal role in exploring the energy performance of the dwelling. It will be occupied by an academic from the University of Salford, meaning its energy consumption can be measured and displayed in the Knowledge Hub for all to see.

Outside of the 'Z House' there will be a biodiversity garden featuring nests for bats and swifts, a wildlife pond, hedgehog highways and green wall. The team are using experts from RSPB and Barratt to help promote wildlife and nature at the house. 

David Thomas, Chief Executive of Barratt Developments, said: “We want to showcase what can be done to deliver zero carbon living using the latest technologies and working with the best industry partners. Ultimately, the aim is to find solutions to enable the industry to build high quality, zero carbon homes that customers love, at scale. We can then share this knowledge to help the industry deliver the future of sustainable housing.”


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