Wisley Airfield – First stage of detailed planning.

22 August 2022

Hybrid Planning Application submitted.

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a large Hybrid planning application (See more information at foot of this post).  This planning application lays down the basic shape of the development; access, centres of development etc.  It will be supplemented by detailed planning applications for specific parts of the development in the future.  The Planning application is important as it sets the parameters for the development for the next decade (?) of development.

The planning application covers a large number of interlinked developments over the site including:


> A realigned section of the proposed Wisley Lane Diversion, to include a roundabout with a stub road as the primary access to serve the new settlement from Ockham Interchange;

> A road junction access into the proposed employment area from the proposed Wisley Lane Diversion

> A new road junction as a secondary access to serve the new settlement from Old Lane

> Restricted access from Ockham Lane

Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG).

The name given to greenspace that is of a quality and type suitable to be used as mitigation to offset the impact of a new development.  The Wisley Site will have a a SANG and associated infrastructure, including SANG car parks provided.


The phased development of a residential-led, new settlement comprising:

> Up to 1,730 dwellings (2000 proposed in local Plan) across 3 areas of the airfield site aligned approximately with the runway.

> 8 gypsy and travellers pitches ((8 proposed in local Plan)

> Up to 100 units of housing for older people (100 proposed in local Plan),


> A mixed-use commercial local centre with public square, community hub and employment area alongside

> Other commercial mixed-use neighbourhood centres located throughout the site

> An employment area


A primary school, and a secondary school, and up to 2 nurseries. (Local Plan proposes a primary school (two form entry) and a secondary school (D1) (four form entry, of which two forms are needed for the housing on the site and two for the wider area)

Green infrastructure

Im addition to the SANG this includes parks, neighbourhood greens and sports pitches

The Society View

We have been engaged in several discussions with Taylor Wimpey.  We have major issues with the sustainability of the site as in practice it is a very car-based development.  We will also be examining the design of the new settlements to see if they adopt the proposals related to sustainability etc. discussed in various meetings.

We will be looking at plans in detail and our comments will be published on this website.

More Information

There is a Wisley Airfield Website run by Taylor Wimpey 

The full application is lodged on the Guildford Borough Website See Here

There are several indicative pictures of plans added below plus two more photographs taken of the site as it exists.


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