Changing View Across Guildford

19 October 2022

Information from the North Street Application

St Edward, the developers of North Street, have produced details as to how the scheme will impact the views in the town in accordance with the Town Centre Views SPD.  These annotated pictures, in several cases, show how North Street, if built, relates to other schemes being built or subject to planning in the town centre. 

As an example, it is interesting to see how the view (North Street, Guildford - Townscape and Visual impact Assessment - Representative View No 4 Hog's Back Page 58)  will change over time if North Street, Solum/Station (being built at present), and Guildford Park Road ,are all built.

The schemes will have a major impact on views across Guildford as well as the townscape within the town.  There will be a series of large developements stretching from Guildford Park Road to the proposed development at the St Mary's/Debenhams site.  We could see other schemes comming forward e.g. the proposal to add extra stories to No 1 Onslow Stereet ex. Sanofi house.

Our Concerns

The society believes it is imperative to show how major schemes will impact and  interact with each other; and more importantly the rest of the town centre.  This needs to cover both distant views and as experienced at ground level within the town.

Large bulky buildings can make for very hostile street environments.

The council have tools to enable this as a computer model (VU.City) and this should be made public so schemes can be made visible.  The model covers 22sq km to 15CM of accuracy 102,672 Trees accurate to height and canopy and 31,362 Buildings.

The Computer model as shown on the Vu.City site has several interesting views of Guildford which are attached as pictures below.

Understanding the Impact

The Council are embarked on determing a series of sites which will impact Guildford for generations.  There needs to be public visibility of the totality of what is proposed.  All developers need to contribute to the computer model and visualisations. 

We have also yet to see how these developmentsrelate to the Town Centre Masteplan proposals.

Pictures Below

Below are pictures of

  • View from Hogs Back - we have enhanced the outline.  From Left to Right, Red = Guildford Park Road, Mauve = Solum, Green = North Street) 
  • Original Picture - we have cut down picture to focus on the central town centre - from Planning Submission
  • Area coverd by VU.City
  • Images showing how Vu.City illustrates Guildford Built envirnoment. - not it can show detail at street level.


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