Interesting Vienna Development

08 September 2021

Ideas for Guildford?

Vienna is developing the Village im Dritten (Village in the Third District) as a new quarter, with a ‘Park for All’ in the middle.

The design has a number of interesting features. 

Shielding from Noise and Pollution

As it abuts a busy road the development has a building that houses retail and commercial units with public functions, forming a noise barrier that screens the residential areas.  The design also creates a district street for the development and attention has been paid to allowing sunlight into the centre.


Most of the roofs of the new buildings are greened to counteract climate change. It is planned as a neighbourhood of short distances, bike and footpaths lead through the entire quarter. Although car parking is provided it is all underground and it is envisaged cars will be used only for longer journeys (Also see link to Chelmsford below).

Small Apartments

As compensation for the small floor areas of the apartments (some are smaller than UK standards would allow!), the residential parts of the buildings are so conceived so that a continuous narrow band of loggias fronts the apartments expanding to form a balcony for each dwelling. The continuous glazing of the apartments provides views, light, and openness in the dense urban development. The configuration of the blocks provides a large proportion of corner apartments which have generous private outdoor areas.


The design of the column-slab construction in parts of the buildings allows for changes of function to be made.  The ground floor two-storey apartments can be adapted for commercial use if required.

Lessons for new developments in Guildford?

  • Could we use Commercial Space (with proper pollution control and noise measures) as a shield e.g. on Millbrook?
  • Should we make more effort on new developments to concentrate Car Parking underground or in small Multistorey Car Parks on the edge of developments?
  • Should we provide loggias and generous balconies, particularly in a warmer world? 
  • Should we design to allow flexibility between dwelling and commercial space on lower floors?  

Read more details on the scheme


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