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Station Development - 2 Metres preventing a sensible solution

28th April 2019

The Guildford Vison Group (GVG) recently shared documents obtained under a Freedom of Information request to Network Rail.  These show that the Solum development is blocking the provision of a Eastern platform (Platform 0), despite reassurances to the contary at the Planning enquiry.  The Solum Multi-Storey Car Park needs moving by 2 Metres to allow for a new platform on the eastern side of the station!! Network Rail now doesn't wish to develop a platform 0; for reasons that are unclear.  GSoC and GVG have written to the Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling asking for a explanation of what is going on at the station see link.  

We are concerned that Network Rail are compromising the capacity, and resilience of the station to satisfy the Solum development.