What is happening to the Planning System?

04 October 2020

There is a lot going on……………………

There are a series of changes going on related to planning that will influence Guildford for decades ahead.  We have tried to bring together some of the changes being implemented or proposed, links are included to more detailed posts elsewhere on the site.

Guildford Local Plan

This is not complete and there a number of supplementary documents still to be published or agreed.

The most important has been the consultation on the ‘Development Management Plan’ DMP for which we are awaiting a Council response on changes proposed.


The Government published the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commision Report - Living with beauty (See Download at foot of post for full document) earlier in the year, this looks to be a foundation document for the ‘Planning for the Future White Paper’ (See Below).  In parallel the government published a National Design Guide (See Download at foot of post for more details) and this is due to be supplemented by a National Model Design Code (a Draft of which is yet to be published).  


‘Planning for the Future (See Download at foot of post for more details. We will be replying to the consultation on ‘Planning for the Future’ later this month.

‘Changes to the current planning system’ (See Download at foot of post for full document) which proposes modifications to the current planning system, including the Standard Method and Permission in Principle’ was published in August 2020.  The Society has responded to this consultation.

There are two other significant changes recently published.

Permitted Development Rights there is now a right to add an extra two floors to an existing block of flats.

The government has also announced that dwellings created by the conversion of existing office and commercial properties must comply with minimum standards as far as space is concerned.

A Diagram of the Documents and their relationship can be found below


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