A New Look for the Society

29 September 2020

We have launched a new website and a new image for the Society.  This is a significant change to make communication with our members and the public easier.


In an environment that increasingly depends upon electronic communications we have revamped the Website to make it easier to provide short news items about the Society and our areas of interest. 

Increasingly people access their information via electronic means so having a good website should retain and attract new members. Covid-19 has only increased pressure to move communications on-line.   We will be linking our new Website to a focused Social Media presence in the future. 

Main Changes 

Website now supports all device types, Smart Phones, Tablets, PC's

Reduced use of coloured backgrounds to make it easier to read and print from.

Navigation of the site is simpler.

The Website will be more informative, with more articles of interest, including links to other relevant news sources.  To facilitate this the site now uses Blogs as it's basic structure that allows us to bring you more information on a more frequent basis.


On the Home Page you will find a selection of Hot Topic Items which are selected from the posts in our Topic Areas.

Topic Areas cover Design and Heritage, Environment and Sustainability, Local Strategy & Economy, Planning and Transport.  These Topic areas in most cases relate to one of our work groups. Each has a different colour to guide you.

Finally  from the menu if you access Hot Topics you will find posts of general interest and news about the Society.

Membership and Donation

Improved Membership, and Donation Facilites including the ability to issue membership reminders. This will reduce the load on administering Members. You don't need to do anything.    

New Society Logo

To match the new website we decided to rebrand to a simpler logo which will work better on a variety of devices and support the cleaner look of the new site.

As the Website goes live please inform us of any issues.  We will be carrying out further proof reading and checks in the days to come.


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Pressures for development are increasing. Planning rules are being eased. The Society’s commitment to standing up for Guildford is needed more than ever.

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