Law College - Redevelopment.

21 March 2023

Site has been Acquired

The Law College on Portsmouth Road is due to close and leave the site in 2024.  A developer Elysian Residences have acquired the site. Elysian Residences is a UK business, specialising in the development and operation of luxury retirement communities. They aim to provide a premium service and care provision that, until recently, could only be found abroad.  It is claimed the Elysian model of living “allows you to enjoy a lifestyle that’s as relaxed or as sociable as you wish, all with discreet and flexible care on hand if and when you need it”.

Elysian was founded in 2013 and now has a portfolio of 9 retirement communities, either in development, awaiting planning or open, with around 900 units and a total sales value c. £900m.

Elysian’s initial vision for the site, “is a for a development that will provide a range of much-needed new housing with care and amenities, which will support local businesses, whilst preserving and enhancing surrounding heritage, greenspace and local ecology”.

Public Consultation

The initial public consultation is taking place on the 28th and 29th March.  Find the leaflet for the consultation with location and times below. The exhibition will also be available online from 24th March at this link 


The site is constrained due to being covered by:

  • Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
  • Greenbelt
  • Contains an area of Ancient Woodland
  • Part of the St Catherine’s Conservation Area.

See below for maps showing boundaries of constraints.

The Law College is centred on Braboeuf Manor a Grade II listed building, which will have constraints on it’s development and modification.

Questions for the Council/Developers.

As the Local Plan Policy A34 covers such a minimal area of the site it would be useful to know the Council and Developers attitude to the various aspects of this site.

The Law College has added several buildings averaging two stories in height.

  • Are these are all considered as ‘Previously Developed in the Greenbelt’?
  • Are the buildings apart from Braboeuf Manor, considered as candidates for total redevelopment?
  • If redeveloped will this include relocation to make the layout of the site fit the change of use?

Will the quantum of development on the site be guided by:

  • the Mass and Scale of the existing buildings?
  • plus the mass and scale of the potential Student flats in Policy A34 i.e.112 Student Dwellings don’t translate to 112 Retirement Apartments.

Does the Statement from the developers that “a development that will provide a range of much-needed new housing” indicates that plans may include housing other than for Senior living?

The Developers are proposing to open up the site to the public e.g. access to the Restaurant on site, possibly footpaths etc.  This is an opportunity to improve facilities in St Catherines’.  How is the locality going to be involved on what might be provided?

Brabouef Manor, there is an opportunity to improve the setting of the building, which at present is impacted by indifferent buildings particularly to the North. There need to be clear guidance on the setting of Brabouef Manor?

Does the Council need to do more?

For such a significant site should Guildford Borough publish a design brief for the site?



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