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Letters Written about Planning Applications 1st Jan 30th Jun 2019

Mar 2020

During the period under review there were a potential 1,281 planning applications we could have looked at. We sifted through these applications and considered in detail 84 of them. The Group wrote thirty seven letters to the Head of Planning Services on a wide range of individual planning applications. Unusually eight of those letters were in support of an application but in our letters we made suggestions as to how we thought they could be improved. Seven of them were approved and one was withdrawn. In some of the applications our suggestions were considered.
Of the remaining twenty nine applications eight were approved as submitted, six were approved after amending plans were received and those plans usually took our concerns into account, another one was withdrawn, thirteen were refused and, at the time of writing, one application had not been decided. Five of the refused applications were appealed. Two appeals were upheld, one appeal was dismissed and the remaining two have not yet been decided.

Please read the full report at this link

The Summarised Outcomes of the letters written is available in Tabular form at this link