Revised Plans for Clandon Park

24 July 2022

A New Approach

The National Trust have announced a radically new approach  for the preservation of the fire damaged shell of Clandon Park.  Clandon Park was severely damaged in a fire in 2015 leaving only the exterior walls and one major internal room still intact.

Since the fire the National Trust has stabilised the house and by detailed examination have learnt much from the surviving fabric.

Rather than rebuild the house with, in part, a modern interior as originally proposed; it is now planned that the house will be stabilised in its current state.  This is a very diiferent approach compared with Uppark which was substantially rebuilt after a fire to its original state.  The conservation plans include:

  • Most of the interior of Clandon Park will be thoughtfully conserved in its fire-damaged state, offering people a unique ‘X ray view’ of how country houses were made
  • Suspended walkways and platforms will give visitors new views and dramatic perspectives through the house where floors once were
  • A new roof with public terraces and roof lights will give breath-taking views down into the house from above and out across surrounding countryside 
  • The Speakers’ Parlour which survived the fire will be repaired, creating a counterpoint to other rooms 
  • The external walls and windows of the house are being restored, with work already underway by leading heritage craftspeople

The National Trust hope the conserved Clandon Park will be a unique place to explore how great houses were made, not only physically but also socially and culturally. It will be space for a backdrop for a dynamic programme of events, exhibitions, and activities, some created with communities connected to the house

Next Steps

The Trust continues to work with Allies and Morrison Architects to develop more detail on the scheme


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