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Your Voice

Guildford faces major developments that will affect its future housing, transport, work, retail & leisure environment .

Do you let it happen or do you get involved?

We get involved, at many levels of discussion, with GBC, SCC & urban planners to work for the good of our town.

We aim to influence decisions for your benefit  -  but we need to know your views and ideas.

We want to run campaigns. We want to build support through voting surveys . We need volunteers.

Now is the time  to  ask yourself  - What do I want for myself and my family and my kids’ future?   

You have opinions - share them with us. Join up now and help shape the future!


Have your say

At any one time there are lots of things being planned in and around Guildford, from new retail, commercial and housing developments, plus changes at key transport sites, other infrastructure proposals and heritage and conservation issues.

Our concerns include:

  • The impact of the on-going Local Plan 
  • A recognition and understanding of local constraints
  • Overdue upgrades of utilities infrastructure and better flood prevention planning
  • A better road and transport infrastructure
  • Acceptable housing numbers whilst offering more Affordable and Social Housing 
  • The new village developments that are proposed within the borough
  • Protecting the Green Belt whilst regenerating brownfield sites as a priority
  • Protecting and promoting our heritage
  • Keeping an eye on the planned changes for the Electric Theatre and Town Museum etc.

The Guildford Society regularly comments on these and other issues through the work of our scrutiny groups and will regularly report via our website and news bulletins. From time to time we may run campaigns or hold public meetings

Most importantly, we are conscious there will be new ideas, alternative or opposing views that may need a voice. That is why we want to hear from members of the local community, both Society members and non-members.  

What are your concerns?  Please Have Your Say via our web links ( Click here )  and help make Guildford a great place to live and work.

We have also established a link whereby you can make your views known to us about  GBC'S Local Plan ( Click here ) We look forward to hearing from you