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Transport Group Highlights Jan-Mar 2017

Mar 2017

Guildford Society Transport Group

HIGHLIGHTS - January-March 2017

  • The Group sent a letter to the GBC  Economy & Infrastructure Executive Advisory Board (EAB) raising points on the Sustainable Movement Corridor (SMC). This was referred to at the recorded meeting on February 20th. Much work is needed on this GBC “flagship” project.
                We are concerned for example that, in the drawing presented, the SMC does not connect directly to the proposed site of the Guildford West Station, where Egerton Road crosses the railway, although this is frequently quoted as one of its main objectives.
  • The Group has written a Position Paper outlining the Group's aspirations, ready for endorsement by the Committee on March 29th and posting on the Group’s website page. We are using the Design and Heritage Group’s model.
  • Briefing has been agreed for representation at the Bus Station stakeholder engagement workshop on March 23rd. This workshop is on the basis of a consultant’s report.

We agree with all points made by Surrey County Council in a letter dated 20 Dec 2016. They clearly, although joint clients of consultants, do not endorse their report, but require the following five conditions:

  1. We work towards Bedford Wharf area being used as both the short term, and long-term solution for layover provision, unless a more suitable permanent solution can be found within the town centre, or on its edge.
  2. Appropriate infrastructure is provided as access/mitigation/enabling works to allow the closure of the two inner Guildford roads, of Woodbridge Road (south), and Commercial Road, and to cater for the necessary changes to the bus routes. These are not insubstantial, and could result in. major reconfiguration of the town centre highway network.

3)      Appropriate alternative facilities being provided, both for the passengers, and the operators of the buses, and these could be on street, or within a widened street environment

  1. Appropriate capacity being provided in the alternative facility, that allows for the projected growth arising from the Local Plan development scenarios, and from the investment in the Sustainable Movement Corridor.
  2. All the passenger set down and pick up stops are located within broadly the same area of the town, to facilitate cross-town journeys by bus.

The Group considers it essential that passengers are provided with warm, comfortable waiting facilities with access to toilets, refreshments etc. and real time information on ALL bus services. Facilities should also be provided for passengers to travel short east-west distances e.g. between the railway station and G-Live.

For the avoidance of doubt, we wholeheartedly endorse the GVG Riverside Crossing Proposal and the way that it opens up the opportunity for the bus interchange in Onslow Street,                                                                 

CB 27 March 2017

Posted by: cb