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First World War Memorials Programme

14th October 2017

With the recent moving programmes and publicity about the First World War, we would like to publicise the programme that has been working to ensure the memorials in our local communities are preserved.

The Programme is a joint campaign by Civic Voice, Historic England, the Imperial War Museum and the War Memorials Trust, to survey, log, and where necessary provide funding for the conservation, maintenance and repair of War Memorials.

It is estimated that there are in excess of 100,000 memorials in the country, covering everything from traditional free-standing monuments to stained glass windows, rolls of honour, village halls, clock towers and even bus shelters!  Monuments can be in churches, schools, public buildings, railway stations as well as in the open air. The website established to log the records contains  around 30,000 records, 20,000 condition surveys and has 2,000 registered users.

Anyone can register as a user, and make a record complete with photograph, and preferably with a ‘condition survey’. Perhaps the singular most important element of a war memorial is the list of names recorded so that those named are always remembered.   The website is excellent and it does provide all the information and guidance you need. You can search and see if the memorials you know about are recorded,

Where condition is deemed to be poor or very bad, funding is available to assist.
£1 million remains of the original DCMS – Dep’t of Culture, Media and Sport  -  funding of £2 million ( until November 2018).

Although the focus is on the First World War and the centenary ending in 2018, many memorials cover subsequent conflicts and these too are being recorded.

The Guildford Society is keen to encourage members to ensure that as many as possible of the memorials in our town and villages are recorded on the website.
Click here to visit the War Memorials webiste

So please do check the website, add anything that is missing.  Children often notice things that we miss, so tell your children and grandchildren about the campaign, their sharp eyes may spot something you have missed!

If you need any further advice please contact  Rosemary Napp of our Design and Heritage Group who would be happy to help. Click here to send an email to Rosemary.