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About us - Timeline and Archives

The Guildford Society’s Timeline

1896     The Old Guildford Society is formed as a branch of SPAB – Society for the
Protection of Ancient Buildings

1902     The Society is disbanded but had engaged in a number of campaigns in its
              short life  and is credited with saving the 
Georgian red brick façade of
              Guildford Old  Bank. (today’s Lloyds Bank)

1935     The Guildford Society in its present form is established

1985     We celebrate our 50th anniversary and commission the author and
             historian Russell Chamberlin (1926-2006) to write
Guildford: Town Under
             Siege “
looking  back at The Guildford Society and Guildford over the 
previous 25 years

1994     Heritage Open Days are established and allow free access to many
             interesting  buildings.
The Heritage Open Days National Partnership rely on
             support and manpower freely given by local volunteers including
              of The Guildford Society.  Click here for the HOD web link 

2004     The Guildford Society launches its first website

2009     Civic Voice is founded taking over from The Civic Trust ( est.1957 )
are the umbrella organisation for hundreds of Civic Societies including
             The Guildford Society. They champion the cause for the civic 
movement of
             England. Click here for the Civic Voice web link 

2010     The Society celebrates its 75th anniversary and publishes “ Making A
             Difference – The Guildford Society at Seventy Five”
Click here to read an extract. - “ Introduction by the Chairman “ 
Click here to read an Extract  - “ Guildford a Town in Transition”

2012     Guildford Vision Group  is formed  (Vision for Guildford Ltd) This new and
              separate group is kick started by The Guildford Society in response to
              concerns about the borough councils future plans and a 
lack of vision for
              the town. Click here for the web link to GVG

2014     The Guildford Society launches its new website and begins the use of
              social media. We introduce a new logo which takes its inspiration from 
              river valley and surrounding green hills of the town with abstract shapes to
              represent the roofline and the word Society signifying our 
              support and the blue to represent the River Wey. The 'hills' logo replaces
              our old clock tower logo.

2015     GSOC Ltd, a private limited company is incorporated in England as a
             subsidiary of The Guildford Society, an unincorporated association with 

             charitable objects

2015     This promises to be a busy year as we face the challenges & opportunities
              arising from the publication of The Local Plan, The Town Centre 
              Plan,revised plans for the railway station site development & much more.

2016      The June AGM received the approval of the membership for a new
               constiution and of resolutions authorising the Executive to investigate
               moves towards re- structuring the Society as a Charity.

               In October 2016 the Society was restructured as a Registered Charity

2035     We shall celebrate our 100th anniversary and are determined to still
around and working hard for Guildford.