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Letters Written on Planning Jan to June 2017

Aug 2018


Report on the letters the group has written to Guildford Borough Council about submitted planning applications which we considered during the period 1 January to 30 June 2017

During this period the Planning Group consisted of John Baylis, Gordon Bridger, Amanda Mullarkey, David Ogilvie, Martin Taplin, Anthony Umney and John Wood.  In addition Ian Macpherson has been invaluable as a corresponding member.

The Planning Group has continued to meet every three weeks at the Guildford Borough Council (“GBC”) offices.  

During this time there were a potential 1,335 planning applications we could have looked at.  We sifted through these applications and considered in detail 73 of them.  The Group wrote 22 letters to the Head of Planning Services on a wide range of individual planning applications. 

The most applications in a single category we wrote about was about signs, mainly hanging or projecting, in and around the High Street Conservation Area.   We wrote 5 such letters mainly because we considered they were either too large or because the proposal was that they should be internally illuminated.  In the period under review one application was approved as submitted, one was approved after amended drawings were received to satisfy our concerns and three were refused.

Of the remaining 17 applications to which we made comment 2 were letters in support, 2 of the applications were withdrawn, 7 were refused and 6 were approved.  Five appeals were submitted against these refused applications.  Two appeals have been dismissed and we are following the remaining three which have not yet been decided.   This shows a good record of decision making by GBC on the applications where we wrote objecting to the proposals. Sometimes some of the withdrawn applications are subsequently resubmitted after amendments have been made. 

Any reader who wishes to see how this 6 month period compares with previous periods should look at the “Summary of Outcomes” which follows the appropriate report on the Society’s website at .

The case officers at GBC do take our letters into consideration but naturally they do not always take the same view as us.  However, we are pleased to report that in the majority of cases where we made an objection to an application, those applications are either refused or, alternatively, are only approved following subsequent amendments to the original application either to take account of our objections or have conditions attached to the planning consent.

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