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Solum Rejected – Guildford railway station development


02nd September 2016

We applaud the decision on 29 June 2016 by the Borough Planning Committee to refuse Solum’s plans for the redevelopment of the railway station site.The plan had attracted widespread criticism and was not supported by the borough council’s planning officers, who recommended the committee refuse the plans on grounds of its height, scale and "monolithic" mass, or as we have called it The Great Wall of Guildford  - see below for our report on GSOC’s public meeting of 13 Jan 2016. 

So what happens next?  Well there is some danger that the grounds for refusal could be too weak if appealed and we certainly have not heard the last of Solum. GSOC recognize that this brownfield site should be developed but not at any cost to the town. The community has spoken and we need:

  • A design that respects key views and conservation areas
  • Offers an improved ratio of affordable housing within the site  
  • Improved station facilities and transport interchange benefits
  • Protects land for a new bridge across the railway and river, linking York Rd to Guildford Park Rd, to relocate the infamous traffic gyratory traffic further away from the centre.