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April 2015 Visit to Shamley Green

30th April 2015

On the 19th April, 2015, nineteen Guildford Society members enjoyed an informative and relaxed guided tour and pub lunch in the nearby village of Shamley Green, hosted by our tour guide, Michael Harding, from the village’s historical society.

This must be the quintessential English village. It has two pubs, a Cricket Green and  village common. two duck ponds, a pretty church and a large number of  houses of historical interest. It has also been home to celebrities such as Alfred Hitchcock, Richard Branson, Harry Secombe ‘and many other notables from the world of politics,  civil service and finance.

What’s in the name ?  Shamlee as it was originally known is first referred to in a taxation list of 1322 and started as a collection of small farms and homesteads. A ley is a woodland clearing, the sham is thought to refer to a meat table and in 1657 Oliver Cromwell had granted a charter to the village allowing fairs and market’s which included substantial meat trading


In Elizabethan times through to the 18th and 19th century further developments occurred around the periphery of the village green and post WW2 there were substantial larger developments but the village, today comprising some 2500 inhabitants has not lost any of its charm. Following our walk, we retired to the Bricklayers Arms pub for a pleasant meal and sample their good stock of local beer.