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June 2016 Social & Membership Annual Report

30th May 2016

Members of the Guildford Society will know of the talks and outings which the Society provides.  They may not however be aware of the small group of members who do their inventive best to think up interesting and informative events.   About five or six stalwarts meet roughly every two months to put forward ideas and suggestions and these are discussed and pulled to pieces under the chairmanship of Gillian Cameron and latterly, Roger Bower.

Some amazing adventures have taken place over the last twelve months or so.   In July 2015 we enjoyed a memorable visit to Brighton to see the Regency Town House and Brighton’s Victorian Sewers, the latter causing considerable mirth now and again.  In September 2015 a talk by The Arts & Craft Movement in Surrey was explored in a fascinating manner, and the thought provoking Annual Architecture Lecture in November preceded the Christmas Social where The Guildford Society of Arts Singers entertained us, a fixed item on the calendar, which as usual was so enjoyable.  

The year 2016 began with the public Meeting in January to discuss the Solum Railway Station Development, attended by over 150 people voicing their opinions on the great Wall of Guildford, which unfortunately Solum did not attend.

In February an in depth talk by Tim Harrold, Chairman of the CPRE, elicited considerable discussion and serious thinking about our wonderful countryside and the efforts made to protect it.   Matthew Alexander, always a crowd pleaser, discussed and illustrated his talk on Coaching Inns of the Portsmouth Road, and in May 2016 the Sevenoaks Society hosted a visit to their town, including a talk by their Civic Society and a historical guided tour around their town.

The members of the group are Roger Bower, Gillian Cameron, Angela Logan, Maureen Rivett, John Shorto, David Smith, and Barry Williams. We communicate with members and supporters via regular email bulletins and welcome their feedback.We regular update our website with details of our programme of events and at the time of writing (May 2016) we are already planning for 2017. Regrettably our membership, in common with many other organisations, continues to shrink.  It currently stands at 390.