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June 2015 Social & Membership Annual Report

30th May 2016

Planning may be the most important thing the Society is involved in at the present moment:  planning and the creation of a Masterplan for Guildford which will change the face of the town for next generation or two. But the Society is still involved in other matters of a more quotidian nature.

Our Social and Membership Group continues to co-ordinate the Society’s social activities for the year ahead.  In this last year we have continued to hold meetings in the town’s halls for talks;  but more than usually we have arranged visits away from home.  

So: we visited the GBC Museum’s collection store which houses archive material and fascinating items which the Museum cannot always display;  we had a spirited filmette on Guildford Gates – the alleyways off  the High Street's  north & south sides – this from a member of the U3A Local History Group;   and we had an enjoyably led walkabout and pub lunch at Shamley Green;  Guildford Action Group explained themselves;  there was a visit to Eltham Palace – home of Courtauld collector and Henry VIII - AND the Red House – Philip Webb for Wm Morris in Bexleyheath – all on the same day;  the Lewes Society gave us a real welcome to their county town on a  beautiful day in July; and at the time of writing we are looking forward to a visit to the Brooking Collection in Cranleigh . 

Our programme for the second half of 2015 is now complete.

S&M have also hosted the GSoc Magazine – formerly known as the Newsletter.  David Smith has been editing and, with his colleague Judy Beck, producing the magazine for over ten years now,  and the evidence is that most members welcome the next issue when it arrives.  However for various reasons David and Judy are now are standing down. So the question    now being discussed by the Executive is: should the Magazine still be produced in some form, or should the Society’s communications be made in a different manner to suit the modern hunger for electronic news and the quick-fire nature of the news that is to be broadcast.

Membership is currently 425 of which 88 are Life members.

S&M Group is still nominally without a Chairman.  None of the current members has time to fully devote to the matter.  Despite that there is not much effort involved – just leadership and some creativity.   We get by without formal leadership but we all realise that an accepted chair PERSON would drive the enthusiasm of the group better than our makeshift egalitarian manner.  Doesn’t ANYBODY want to help?