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The Guildford Museum and SAS (Surrey Archeological Society)

30th August 2015

The Guildford Museum and SAS (Surrey Archeological Society)
The Guildford Society is alarmed and very concerned, and voices are being raised both locally and further afield concerning the future GBC (Guildford Borough Council) plans for the Castle Arch building and Guildford Museum following GBC’s decision to terminate an informal extension of the SAS lease of a hundred years or so.
Questions arise about the future use of the many artifacts from the SAS collection now displayed within the Museum, with a very strong risk they will be relocated away from Guildford if all parties cannot reach an agreement.
It is curious to see such action at a time when a recent GBC press release trumpets the continuing rise of tourism (bucking the national trend), highlighting our local heritage and venues such as Guildford House Gallery but, sadly, without mention of the Museum.
Guildford is nothing without its heritage and we believe that GBC recognize that the Museum needs modernizing and investment. However, there is a complex and opaque background to their recent decision and the way it seems to have come about. GSOC call on all players in this drama to act with greater transparency and to recognise the full implications for Guildford of this issue.
We are sure members and supporters of The Guildford Society will wish to follow the matter and indeed may add their views to the debate.  To that end we have helped bring about and we offer our support to a new organization, The Guildford Heritage Forum.
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We also encourage you to follow the debate in the local web media,
The Guildford Dragon

Posted by: GSOC Webmaster