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Proposed Submission New Local Plan. Reg 19 - GBC Extraordinary meeting, Tues. May 24th 2016

18th July 2016

Guildford Borough Council 
Council Chambers
Millmead GU2 4BB

Extraordinary meeting  - Tuesday May 24th at 7.p.m

Proposed Submission New Local Plan. Reg. 19


The Guildford Society has been operating for more than 80 years for the protection and enhancement of the built environment in Guildford. We have a number of dedicated, professional and well-respected volunteers, who attempt to be objective and positive in their contribution to the debate concerning the emerging New Local Plan.
Work has been ongoing since the publication of GBC’s Issues and Options Document in October 2013, followed in July 2014 by the Strategy and Sites Consultation (Reg.18). We are now at the next key stage and an agenda item for tonight’s Council meeting - a forthcoming consultation simply to test for SOUNDNESS of the Proposed Submission Local Plan (Reg.19) 
Before this meeting, The Guildford Society has circulated a letter to each Councillor and Local Plan officers summarising our views and our recommendations for what they may wish to amend before a public consultation. Our chairman, Julian Lyon, has been allowed a 3 minutes slot at tonight’s meeting in which he will urge Councilors and Officers to take our views and recommendations into account.
We do not wish to play for time or delay the Plan. We recognise how important this document and process is for the Town and the Borough. We do need a Local Plan and GBC risk having one imposed on us by The Department for Communities and Local Government if they fail the timelines.
We do not seek to diminish the nervousness that various groups feel about housing numbers, infrastructure deficits and the Green Belt. They like us have made their serious and valid concerns known. The Society will continue its dialogue and support with other local voices.
To read the Society’s letter to Councillors.  Click here
This document will also appear on our website in due course
Click here to visit the GBC New Local Plan website  
Click here for  the link to GBC’s Proposed Submission Plan Strategy and Sites June 2016

The next steps on the timetable for the New Local Plan are:
   Jun-Jul. 2016    6 weeks   - Pre-submission publication & consultation (Reg.19)
   Dec.2016          Submission to the Planning inspectorate for Examination (Reg.22)
   Feb.2017          Pre-examination meeting
   Apr. 2017          Examination in public - hearings (Regulation 24)
   Dec.2017          Anticipated adoption (Regulation 26)
   Dec.2017          Updated Policies Map


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